Joey Ryan comments on WWE training, reveals one of his email replies

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    It was reported last fall that indie veteran Joey Ryan participated in a WWE tryout camp at the Performance Center, just a few months after he was released from TNA. Ryan was not offered a contract and later said in an interview that WWE felt like he was too old and experienced to be in developmental.​

    A few weeks back in January, Ryan tweeted the following comments and made references to NXT trainer Bill DeMott and John Laurinaitis:

    "At WWE camp, Bill DeMott said nobody on indies is as good as NXT guys. I'd LOVE to debate Bill DeMott on what he thinks 'good wrestling' is."

    "Another thing Bill DeMott said at the WWE camp is that 'WWE retrained Daniel Bryan or he wouldn't be as good as he is today.'"

    "Trying to get WWE job in 2010, John Laurinaitis told me 'I have enough 5'9" guys. I can't make money with Daniel Bryan, how can I with you?'"

    "Candice Michelle went to PWG in 2008 & raved about me to John Laurinaitis. When I saw him, he said 'What does a Diva know about wrestling?'"

    "'Don't wrestle the way John Cena does. Wrestle the way that I teach you.' - Bill DeMott at WWE camp."

    Ryan also posted a screenshot of his e-mail reply to WWE's Senior Director of Talent Development, presumably former beach volleyball player Canyon Ceman, who told him he was too experienced to hire. Here's what Ryan wrote in the e-mail:

    "I respect your opinion but I could not disagree more with it. My talents and abilities allow me to travel the world and make a full-time living in professional wrestling, which is not something that most WWE Superstars could do on their own.

    You have coaches in place that have never drawn a dime in their careers trying to determine who and who cannot draw money which is the true flaw in your system. I have had far more successful names in wrestling, some within WWE itself, rave about my creativeness, character acting and ability to engage an audience and your evaluators missed it. Perhaps it's time for you to reevaluate your evaluators.

    Good luck in finding your next big superstar."

    Source: RingsideNews
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  2. Screw Demott. He's a piece of trash and a waste of space.

    Sleazy Joey Ryan would have been a hit.
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  3. Demott was never good and is a perverted prick, he can go suck a dick. On Tough Enough he tried to get 2 people one with a broken leg and one with torn muscles in her leg to get them back in the ring and belittled them when they didn't.
  4. Bill Demott is a fucking prick he should of been fired along time ago how the hell he is head trainer in NXT ill never know. All that business about making the guy rookies wrestle in the nude is evidence thats hes a jerk and the power has gone to his head. Also that news about him and some other trainer touching up one of the NXT divas ewww thats more evidence of dodgy stuff going on. And now this Joey Ryan has exposed Bill even more come on WWE fire this guys ass
  5. For once I agree.:bitw:
  6. Bill Demott needs to be fired hes a dick and he didnt exactly achieve anything in his time in WWE hes just jealous theres guys out there more talented than him
  7. More crap about how flawed WWE can be in terms of looks, training, and creativity.
  8. Does anybody else see why a trainer would tell someone not to wrestle like Cena or say that they had to retrain DBD to become a WWE wrestler?

    I ask this for a reason. I used to coach basketball in seventh grade, which, in Texas, is the first year when you play competitively for your school team. A lot of guys would come in having played and won in youth leagues and YMCA organizations (we used to derisively refer to them as "Little Dribbler All-Stars") and thinking they understood how to play at the level of higher competition hat came with middle school basketball and lead into high school, college, etc. My job was, in part, to weed out the guys who thought they were more important in the team while keeping in mind that we needed the talented players to stay onboard and buy in to the program. It was something I was pretty successful at. Why I guess I'm seeing things from a slightly different point of view here is that Joey Ryan (who I'm a tremendous fan of, by the way) is striking me a lot like those guys who had won "State" at the YMCA in fifth and sixth grade and now was too good to be told what to do by any coach.

    Meanwhile, I can see DeMott in the same mold as the "weeding out" job that I had to do (not in his rumored personal transgressions, which I take with a huge grain of salt considering the black eye these allegations would give the company if they were proven to be true). When DBD came to the WWE as a developmental talent, it's been widely acknowledged that he had to learn the "WWE Style" just like Punk, Orton, Cena, Christian, Sheamus, ADR, and every other guy in WWE today (or recently) who came into WWE from other promotions. Bryan Danielson is a very talented wrestler who has a tremendous connection with fans, but he had to learn how to do it all on television and in the way the company needed him to do it. He worked his ass off to learn. If Ryan came in, with all his talent and all his ability and all his charisma, but had a bad attitude or didn't put in everything he had into learning how to do it in the "WWE Style", then, yeah, he was gonna be told to take a walk. As for the "don't wrestle like Cena" bit, I told guys all the time not to play basketball like (insert name of popular NBA star of the time here). They had to develop their own games in their own ways within the system. Similarly, the guys in NXT (and who have come from NXT) have had to find their own ways to work within the system that WWE has set up.

    Look, bottom line: as big a fan of Joey Ryan as I am and as much as I would love to see him walk the WWE aisle, I can see the guy not wanting to follow the rules and do it the way he was being told to do it. And if he wasn't willing to put the company before himself, then it's probably best that he was let go. It's better for WWE for a guy who has that issue to be weeded out before he becomes a star than let him become a guy the company counts on and leaves them in the lurch, as Punk has reportedly done.:pity:

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  9. Ill take that in the version that doesnt take 10 minutes of my time, please.

    Dude is successful with what he does, and WWE has shown before that doesnt mean you fit the Product they are looking for. I, for one, would hate to see a PG version of Joey Ryan going around, i assume it would be danny tanner mixed with jesse stamos. Not interested, hate TNA more for fucking it up with him, and it is what it is i guess.
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  10. Jeez, Aids, I gave a bottom line at the bottom......:meh:

    But I agree wholeheartedly with your point. I don't think a "sanitized" version of the Sleazy Joey Ryan character would be fun to watch at all. In fact, it would be as cringeworthy as John Cena's "Holy-Fudge-and-Mustard!" crap. I'd rather not see him in WWE than see that.

  11. I wasnt quoting a Lockard post? :joey: Yeah i agree with what you said, it would be horrible, there is no other way to put it.
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  12. so this thread is about Waco coaching YMCA league basketball, right? :joeyryan:
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  13. "You have coaches in place that have never drawn a dime in their careers trying to determine who and who cannot draw money which is the true flaw in your system" .......


    ... What does a Diva know about wrestling...Johnny what do you know about wrestling? Two stars at best was your average in Japan even with world class athletes. And if you had HALF the talent scouting that Fit Finlay does, they would be wrestlers and not just divas.
  14. Now this is just bullshit.

    Johnny Ace is one of the most respected Gaijins to ever set foot in Japan. He challenged for the AJPW triple Crown. You don't do that if you cannot put out good matches. Plus became booker for All Japan for a while, doesn't know the business my ass.
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  15. My bad, if I got carried away right there... it's just the fact that he simply said that a woman knows nothing about wrestling is an abomination.
  16. Is cool.

    Ace's view on women is a completely other thing.
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  17. To be fair, not many women run or book wrestling shows, and the ones that do (DIXIE) are fucking awful at it.

    Steph ran creative during WWE's worst time frame didn't she? She was responsible for all of the soap writers, overscripting, ect? That was on her creative watch, no?
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  18. Indeed it was.

    History does not speak well for women behind the book.
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  19. I thought it was meant women as "wrestlers" not "bookers"
  20. Even worse then.
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