Joey ryan & Drake Younger on Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Stopspot, Aug 17, 2013.

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  1. Drake is just so god damn happy. Even when he takes a beating from Ryback. Featuring Joey Ryan in the background.
  2. I knew that had to be Joey. Wonder what he was doing there.
  3. He's done work for WWE before so he was probably on the short list of extras when in Cali. He worked Summerslam 2011 as well.
  4. Sign joey Ryan
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  5. Sign em both.
  6. Joey Ryan and Tyler Breeze tag team please..:please:
  7. What are you looking at?
  8. Sign them pls...Joey!
    When Ryback throws the guy the guys reacting that were sitting on the chairs one was Ryan and another was Younger.
  9. Maybe Rybacks going for a moustache ride :ksi:
  10. Please dear god, get Joey Ryan in.
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  11. I wonder who on here knows that Younger is the toughest, the roughest SOB that I've ever seen wrestle; and he was made Ryback's bitch lol.

    I marked for Ryan <3 I wish he gets signed.
  12. :mog: That would be so entertaining.
  13. LOL, that was funny. Sign Ryan, could be fun.

  14. Would you watch his WWE segments?
  15. WWE had gained Sleaziness for just a mere 2 seconds that day.
  16. Absolutely, I'm a huge mark of both Drake and Joey.
  17. Excuse me for being incredibly mis-informed but how good is Drake Younger,I already know about Ryan.(Please don't get angry at me,I was once shouted at for not knowing how good the American Wolves were).
  18. Not the best wrestler or the best talker. But he is willing to take a beating like no other (He's done a lot of deathmatches). With the right opponent he can have a real good match.
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