PWG Other Joey Ryan joins Youporn sports

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Stopspot, Dec 18, 2015.

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  1. Well... That's another one of the list off thread titles I never thought I'd write.
  2. Youporn sports? OK... I'm not even gonna ask what these guys are up to, but this was entertaining, I guess.
  3. Basically it is a sponsorship program for athletes, mainly e-sports so far. Kind of like how some athletes are Adidas or Nike guys and use their shoes and shirts and such. Basically Joey Ryan is getting paid to have their logo on his gear and wear youporn shirts and other merch
  4. Oh, OK. I thought they were doing some sports-based porn movies, porn-based sports, perhaps a mixture of both (?) or something, but a sponsorship deal makes more sense.
  5. Porn Stach and Porn Merch.

    Works well. This is why Ryan is my favorite indy wrestler. Excluding Indy Wrestler, himself, hahaha.
  6. So, his 'dick move' is called the YouPorn Plex? LOL'd.
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