Joey Ryan - should they alter his gimmick?

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    Recently Joey Ryan's "other career" has been played up a fair bit on commentary when he's actually on TV and I'm starting to think they should start playing to it more. He can keep the sleazy nature but as Val Venis shows a pornstar could be a great principle for a gimmick and if anyone could play it's this oiled up beauty.

    Now onto a bit of a random idea, Joey Ryan should team with Joeseph Park as the face team in TNA's light division. They'd have a great dynamic between the two of them, Joey being the fun loving sleazeball he is whilst Park shows disgust at his actions (imagine the facials he'd provide.... yeah bad choice of words, sorry but I'm keeping it). They'd be a solid team to route for, it would allow Joey to be on TV regularly and feud with Dirty Heels which would make great TV, it offers them a face team not involving Chavo and Hernandez and it would allow Park to be further built to increase his credability.

    So do you think TNA should embrace more pornstar aspects into Joey's character, similar to how Val Venis was in 99?

    Should Joey team with Park or would you rather keep him single?

    How would you like Joey to be booked for the next year or so?
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  2. Really like your ideas. I think that would work out great. I can't think of anything else, other than maybe a run at the X Division championship.
  3. - Sure, why not? It can only help him. Some black dude doing it would be dope. Willie Mack :damn:

    - Not with Park, no. They're both better as singles dudes, but somewhere down the line, they should be in a tag team with someone else

    - a 4 month TV title reign, then a tag team with WILLIE MACK :yes:
  4. Didn't Super Dragon force Davey to rock Joey's gimmick and tag with him at a 2012 show? That would be hilarious on TNA TV. Davey Richards as Joey's sidekick forced to copy him.
  5. Oh yeah, the good times when Richards is actually entertaining lol!:obama:

    PWG makes things possible!
  6. Did him and Morgan have a fall out i missed? I must be spacing it out. I would be down on Ryan, i was hoping they would have included him in xdivision matches instead, i like his gimmick, but would rather see him actually get a win that counts, and maybe see the change after.
  7. Not really. Morgan was just really pissed at him after they lost at Genesis vs. Shawn and Chavo the 3rd.
  8. I'd be down for him and park as a tag team for a while, sure.
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