News Joey Ryan was a surprise in the Bound for Glory battle royal and you can guess how that went

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Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory, emanating from the Odeum in Chicago, Illinois, opened with the Call Your Shot Battle Royal. The idea with this intergender battle royal is that the winner would get to challenge for the title of their choosing.

There were a handful of surprise entrants, such as Swoggle, Smiley Kylie Rae (who suddenly disappeared from AEW months back), and at #6, Joey Ryan.

While Joey’s appearance was a surprise, what happened next was not:

.@JoeyRyanOnline Dick Flips five opponents, including eliminating two from the match, at @IMPACTWRESTLING #BFG#Art

- @WIncRebel

— (@WrestlingInc) October 21, 2019
Yup, just Joey Ryan flipping a bunch of dudes (and eliminating two!) with his penis. No surprise here.

In the end, Eddie Edwards won and will get to challenge for a title of his choosing down the line.

You can find all the results from Bound for Glory here.

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