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All the tweets have been deleted, but there was a big debacle as it pertained to an upcoming charity show. The charity show was branded as Women's Charity show, and it had a bunch of stars advertised such as Davey Boy Smith Jr., Carlito, 2 Cold Scorpio, Gangrel, Rhyno, Brian Cage, and a bunch of other big indy names, both male and female. However, they had also advertised Joey Ryan as appearing at the show.

Joey Ryan, for those of you that don't know, was a major blotch during the SpeakingOut movement that exposed a bunch of sexual deviants. Ryan was one of the major names that was hit with a high, high volume of accusations. His career has been basicially killed off, at this point. After his career died, he began suing his accusers for defamation and for hurting his professional career. Basically, he's figured to fight fire with a oiler tankers worth of gasoline and has really made himself out as a bad dude.

Anyways, a number of things happened. First, Tony Khan tweeted that all AEW talent would be pulled from the show so long as Joey Ryan was associated or booked with the show. Soon afterwards, the CMO of FITE TV tweeted saying they had no knowledge of this show being broadcast on FITE TV, despite the poster advertising being available on FITE TV. Soon afterwards the tweet promoting the event with the above poster got deleted. Just a few hours later the official twitter account released a statement reading: "We apologize for riling everyone up. It is clear that we’re in over our heads [...] Rather than put talent in a tough situation, we’ve canceled the show". The show has been scrapped, and has left a lot of people confused as to this whole situation.

The main point of contention obviously being Joey Ryan. How could someone with his track record be announced/booked/promoted for a Women's charity event? Even if he wants to change, has changed or wants to redeem himself, it's an awfully weird thing to do considering his track record with trying to tear down his accusers. There's people saying that the promoter told other talents that a guy by the name of "Joey" was going to be at the show, and other talents took that as Joey Janela, due to the AEW talents appearing. They tried to squash any mention of Joey Ryan.

There's a few theories as to what this whole debacle was about. The first of which being that Joey Ryan was either behind this show or heavily involved in it's creation. The motivations of which are unknown but there's 2 outcomes A.) Get good PR for being involved in a Women's charity whilst profiting, B.) Use this as evidence of his accusers hurting his professional career by getting a charity show cancelled.

Joey Ryan was the promoter of the show.

Crazy stuff!

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