John Cena a Prick Outside of The Ring?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 26, 2014.

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  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Probably

  4. Probably Not

  1. Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks was recently interviewed by Pancakes and Power Slams. Here are a couple of things he had to say:

    John Laurinaitis:
    If you're not on the radar, he doesn't care about you. I got belittled by him quite a bit. When I came back as T. Reks, that was Vince. Next thing you know, I was Johnny's best friend. And when all that ended, he wouldn't give me the time of day. He is not a nice person. He is all strictly business.

    Triple H:
    Nice guy. He's got everything dialed in for the company and he's taking it in theright direction. Definitely into helping his talent.

    Was nice in the beginning, them I realized that he steps on heads and suddenly isn't your friend anymore. He only does what's good for Sheamus.

    John Cena:
    He's a workhorse. He does incredible things for the company and he busts his butt. Outside the ring, I can't stand the guy. He's not a nice guy, he holds talent down. He steals ideas. He's a prick.

    Why he left WWE:
    My daughter was 8 months old and she was starting to notice that I was leaving. Infants change everyday. I was missing out and I realized that I just couldn't do both. I wanted to be a dad.

  2. All opinion based on one person's perception. Overall, I've heard the Cena is an all around nice guy. I'm sue he has his off moments....but who wouldn't with a schedule like his?
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  3. He has to be somewhat of a nice guy, I would hope a mean person doesn't do 400 make-a-wish requests.
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  4. Since I'm not in Cena's inner circle of friends nor have I ever met him I couldn't possibly say either way. But as @SharpySandow said- he does a hell of a lot of work for Make A Wish, so I'd assume he isn't some truly awful monster of a person.
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  5. God no. Only people who have ever shit on him are people who were fired and who rant on everyone. All you ever here is how good he is and I can't help but believe it.
  6. Cena doesn't seem that bad. He came to this motel in town and this guy that worked there used to come over to our house all the time. He says Big Show looked literally like a giant compared to Cena and Cena was just naturally a nice guy and asked him where the best place is to get grub. So yeah, Cena can't be that bad unless he turned into a douche over the span of a year.
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  7. I always take "one guy's opinion" with a tremendous grain of salt. He may have had some bad experiences with Sheamus and John Cena. That doesn't mean he's right on the money about them. From all reports, Cena is a legitimately nice guy. Of course, I don't know him, so I can't honestly say either way. As above mentioned, though, anybody who does that many Make a Wish requests can't be a bad person.

  8. It's all opinion. Reks also said Orton is a mellow guy whilst multiple other former employees say that Orton is a complete dick.
    Different people like different people.

    But the truth remains: Yoshi Tatsu beat Sheamus to tears.
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  9. don't know or care
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  10. Nice guy from what I've heard. My mate worked at the arena as a yellow coat in Manchester when WWE was on tour. Cena went round and shook hands with as many staff as he could find to thank them for helping put the event on plus interrupted an aftershow meeting doing the same thing. I remember as my mate had no idea who he was asking me if I knew a John Senior next day in work knowing I watch wrestling lol.
  11. Sarcasm?
  12. No. He has granted 400 wishes to the make-a-wish foundation. That alone tells me he is awesome

    I believe it's a record.
  13. He does a hell of alot of charity and is thankful for everything he has earned.

    Sums it up for you.
  14. Stopped reading after this:

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  15. most wishes ever. Breaking his own record of 300
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  16. a lot of charitable dudes are Ashley assholes jussayin
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  17. HHH is the shit dude stop hating
  18. I never met him personally, but my uncle and father have on different accounts. They both said he's a swell guy, but just doesn't like being bothered when trying to relax. He does though, still take pictures and signs autographs and talks with fans regardless. He also does charity and whatnot. I don't see any real signs of him being a prick, but then again I never have met him. I can't say a for sure answer, but for now I'll put no.
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  19. replace talen with friends and he's about right
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