John Cena and the Rock on steroids?

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  1. I honestly think that these 2 guys are on steroids, especially the Rock. The guy gained a lot of muscle for Fast 5. I was in shock when I saw the Rock after such a long time. And John Cena also increased in size quite significantly in the last few years.
  2. Cena has been the same and Rock has been given a chance to strength train for the past 7 years.
  3. Nah I think they are both on the juice bro including other pro wrestlers. A lot of pro athletes are on the juice, NBA, football, marathon runners, etc it's everywhere.
  4. Cena has a degree is sports nutrition so he understands how to form a strong diet for maintaining mass and he apparently trains like a monster, as for Rock he's been able to adjust his diet, lift for size rather than performance and rest. Alot are juicing but a lot are natty also, and I've never seen anything beyond them being dedicated trainers tbh, both seem like genetic freaks, why do you think they're juicing? Beyond them being bigger and more cut than most others?
  5. Lol no.

    You not seen Cena's constant work outs? He's either working or gym. Rock is constantly in the gym multiple times a day. Both have to be built strong, it's their job, it's their profession pretty much. I hate how when someone is big they're on steroids, I've known a guy down my local gym for 16 years (nearly all my life) and he's built identically to Rock, and he's never touched the stuff. All he consumes are protein shakes, nothing else to help other than pure work out.
  6. ???
  7. Well Cena got tested before Wrestlemania he even posted a photo on twitter of him getting tested and obviously it was a clear result so he cant be on steriods

    The Rock however could be on steriods as his muscle mass has increased alot from when he used to be in WWE
  8. I doubt it tbh some guys are just lucky and have the body type that adapts to a bigger size without being on anything. Plus they're both dedicated to how they look so I highly doubt it as the WWE does have stricter test than say the NFL where they barely test and just accept that a lot of guys are jucing. I mean MLB and other sports have recently cut down on it all with an increased amount of drug tests but the NFL governing body decided against teh extra testing.
  9. Any one of you here (mostly) can get to that size in 3-5 years. It's not impossible.
  10. I'd say longer than that tbh, have you seen Rock's back? It's incredible and your back is incredibly difficult to get to grow. It would probably take about 5-7 depending on your level of prior training, John probably abit less. I'm just speculating based upon growth patterns I've seen and read about but you may be slightly under estimating it there.
  11. I'm talking through experience (not with me obviously). The guy I was talking about earlier in this thread is in there all the time, when he went in there he was the typical build for a 16 year old, maybe a tiny bit chubby, now he's literally like Rock. He's a mammoth. But he's in there longer than most people can be as he's unemployed. But it took him 4 years to get there, he was hard balling the protein shakes and strict diets etc.
  12. Tests don't mean anything nowadays. You can easily circumvent them. A lot of UFC fighters are on the juice and only a few got caught like Nate Marquardt and Overeem.
  13. It depends on the quality of the testing and how serious the organisation is to get rid of juicing. As I said MLB are having a huge crackdown atm the min on drugs and drug related offences whereas the NFL don't care as they know 90% are doing it so bugger it. It all depends on the WWE's stance and I think due to past instances they are going to be harsh especially as a PG rated company however Rock and Cena are 2 that could be above the law, but with Cena being the face of the company I doubt it regards him.
  14. Source or bs?
  15. Which source? All sports have athletes who are on the juice, most of them don't get caught at all. Look at the Tour de France guys and all other sports.

    John Cena is above the WWE law.
  16. Translation: I have absolutely no source, I made this up completely and ignore it.

    I can't begin to try and reply to this, lmao.
  17. What are you talking about? You must have been living under a rock if you do not know all sports have athletes who use performance enhancing drugs.
  18. All sports have and absolutely loads have been caught. Just because some sports have in the past, it doesn't guarantee that Cena is now above WWE law and is doing so. Jesus Christ, I'm sorry but that's so moronic it's unreal. His status if anything means there's a less likely outcome that he is using steroids. Same for Rocky.

    WWE has completely rid of them, if you're caught, you're in shit. You think after the Benoit case it'd be allowed? If you're going to speculate and accuse, back it up with evidence and sources, not "well other sports have people who have done it", because I can easily just come out and say "Vince is going to take over the world and invade Poland, you know, because Hitler done it".
  19. I doubt anyone is above the law in the WWE, Orton got busted and he's Vince's golden boy, probably even more so than Cena.
  20. Fighters say it all the time. I would venture to guess that 90+% of fighters are on some sort of PED or another. Reasons?

    1.) Lack of random testing. They decided to randomly test for UFC 146, but as a general rule the NSAC doesn't have the money to do random testing. So it's very easy for a guy to cycle and get clean by the time it's time to piss.
    2.) There are tons of ways you can use PEDs that aren't going to show up in tests. The more money you have, the more sophisticated supplements you can get afford, and the less likely you are to get caught. Also see: HGH. Only detectable by blood test, which the NSAC cannot afford to do.

    I've heard dozens upon dozens of past and present fighters talk about how many guys are on PEDs.

    I would imagine that to some degree the WWE is pretty much the same. I know they aren't testing for HGH, and I really doubt they are too eager to actually pop top guys for roids. The WWE Wellness program was created to keep congress, the media, ect off of their back.

    Admittedly I forgot what thread I was in when I starting posting my answer, but I tried to bring it back on topic towards the end of my post. If UFC Fighters, who have a lot more at stake by risking getting caught (one year suspensions as opposed to 30 days) then I don't see why the same percentage of wrestlers wouldn't be using PEDs as well. Not pointing directly at Cena or Rock, but just making a generalization.
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