News John Cena announces return date

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SWL, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. which means he'll come back on the 30th of May.

    what do you think he's gonna do? I hope he goes for the US title again and makes sure it gets booked again lol
  2. Not surprised he's coming back ahead of schedule. The dude is a machine. :supercena:
  3. Um... why was he at Mania, F5-ing a big dude, 6 months before he was "ready" to go?
  4. 1) he can
  5. if he could safely AA Rowan, why isn't he competing?

    If he can't compete, how could he AA Rowan?
  6. because competing involves bumping, and bumping is something he shouldn't do if he's not officially cleared. Also, there's a huge difference between working a whole match and just hitting 2 quick moves for a pop.
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  7. One AA doesn't compare to the bodily wear that you'd get from regularly wrestling matches again five or six times a week. It's like wondering why was Austin still able to dish out Stunners to folks despite being forced to retire due to his neck/spinal injuries. It's a matter of whether your body can withstand the total amount of damage (relative to whatever injury you have) it'd suffer from wrestling a regular schedule again or not. Hardly anyone is ever so gravely injured to the point where they're incapitated from doing literally even a single move.
  8. Gross. Fkn hell m8s
  9. It's called an FU lol

    And it could have been a trial to see if he's able to even do that yet? Fu one of the bigger dudes as a guage. Idk just a shot in the dark lol
  10. That date can't come soon enough.. The show is beyond boring without him.
  11. It's a standing fireman's carry transitioned into a kneeling takeover actually.

    But I digress
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  12. Let's see what up-and-coming talent Cena can bury this time around.
  13. The most overplayed joke in wrestling.

    Seriously. Cena's burial of talent is grossly overplayed if we look at the two recent years of his career. 2015 in particular
  14. Yeah, fair enough. I just get so sick of the guy so quickly.
  15. Cena is a needed entity right now and will shake things up in a good way. I'm just waiting to hear Rollins music one night or at summer slam.
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