John Cena Becoming A Heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Nov 12, 2015.

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    This is a post from Forbes. If you keep reading you will get to this...

    To me, if they really want to pass on the baby face of the company over to someone else, why not let Cena have a heel run? He would gain fans, and yes lose some. I mean him as a face is funny but imagine how good he would be as a heel? His turn would rev-up ratings up in a huge way. I think this can be the best move they can make to really bring back the unexpected "DID THAT JUST HAPPEN!?" of the WWE.
  2. This is fantasy booking and problem solving more than anything. I don't really care for a heel Cena anymore. It seemed cool a few years back, but now the boat has sailed on the idea. He's already a heel, but just being pushed as a face. Much like Bo Dallas and New Day.

    If it were to happen, I don't see a big enough star to match him up. Hogan had Sting, Austin had Rock, Cena had Punk but that was the last time for them to go ahead. Heel Cena vs Face Punk would've been the best way to cap off their feud in 2011 or 2013. If he would to turn heel, no one can really match him up. But that also allows the probability of a new super face to rise out of this. Preferably Reigns, Ambrose or Bryan. As all are already over as faces and sell merch like mofos.
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  3. I know what you are saying and I agree but I still feel like moving him to a complete heel would raise ratings. It would get people talking again. Like he can do a heal run where he over-powers the authority figures. Even if this means HHH becomes a face for the benefit of the story line. I just feel like any minor thing they do at this point wont make things better. They need to build for the future NOW because a lot of today's wrestlers will be riding off into the sunset in 3 to 5 years or becoming periodical wrestlers like the Rock.
  4. I would love to see Cena 16 time world championship run as his heel turn, especially if Roman Reigns becomes champion and stays babyface. Although I doubt either of them will turn heel, especially Cena.

    If they both turned heel they could be the modern day 2 Man Power Trip, which would be insanely awesome.
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  5. Cena is already a heel. He's the biggest heel behind the company itself. lol
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  6. Cena won't turn heel. There's been too many chances for him to do so, they'd rather do it with reigns before cena. It's a gamble with cena. He makes them a lot of money as a face and, sure, maybe he could make more or he same as a heel and help push other talent, for once, but WWE is afraid to gamble that.
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  7. What better way to put Roman over though as a face then to have Cena be a heel? They can have a long drawn out feud like Rock and Stone had.
  8. Oh it would be beautiful, increase sales, and create an awesome rivalry. But, WWE won't push cena as a heel until someone can nearly fill his shoes.
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  9. We ask this question every year...
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  10. Yes. And if they truly want to make mania 32 the biggest event ever... Let cena turn heel and battle taker. In Texas... Career on the line.
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    I don't think that would solve anything. The large faction of fans that really don't want Reigns on top are not going to get behind him as a face versus a heel John Cena. To them it would just seem like another attempt to push Reigns as their next big face and that is exactly what those fans are not liking. I mean, what could seem more pushy than turning your biggest name face of the past 10 years into a heel to oppose the guy you want as your next top face? It would just more of the same they have been doing with Reigns already. WWE has not turned Cena heel despite MANY MANY opportunities to do so. If they do it now for Reigns, especially when no sensible story line for it currently exists, it will seem like the ultimate attempt to push Reigns as the top face and it will not go over well.

    Then, they will alienate the fickle fans who love Cena as a face. These fans are the ones who already like Reigns. The Cena hating fans are not going to get behind Reigns if he opposes a heel Cena because they already hate Cena. So they won't have a dog in the race at all. They also hate Reigns for the same reason they hate Cena. The fans who are completely uninterested in Reigns or Cena will be alienated from this feud and in the end, Reigns will not get more over and WWE would have damaged the profitability of their biggest face.

    Really bad idea.
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  12. They're afraid of merchandise sales taking a hit.. The amount of merch this guy sells is absolutely ridiculous, nobody comes close. Only one guy came close to topping Cena a few year's back and that lasted about a month.. Unless someone steps in to be the new face of WWE, he can't turn heel, they need a face of the company and nobody is on that level yet..
  13. LOL, why do you refrain from saying CM Punk's name?
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  14. It wasn't necessary.. The point was only 1 guy has been able to top him and it didn't last very long. I felt his name wasn't relevant.
  15. They don't need to.
  16. k
  17. Who is this Ceem Puke we are speaking of?
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  19. Ambrose topped him in merch

    Last time I even heard about Cena turning heel it was 2012, when they were grooming Sheamful as a top face. Now we have Bryan, Dean, possibly Roman and Zayn, maybe even Lesnar/Taker who can all hold the fort on the face side if Cena wants to tie the record on the dark side. It's the most likely it's been in years, but still - lol
  20. I quite like the grizzled veteran thing he's been going with pre-break, it really suited him. I wouldn't mind a Cena heel turn though, seeing as WWE lacks a top foil to work with. You have Owens and The New Day,as well as Wyatt. But unless you make Owens more prominent, or turn Ambrose/Roman heel they're going to continuously be out balanced.
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