John Cena Being Sued

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Source is in bold.

    I call bullshit personally. That's pocket money to Cena.
  2. The guys constantly on the road it probably slipped his mind. With all his media appearances plus wrestling staying in shape and what not.
  3. $15k is small amount for him.
    I can't see why (if) he's not paying.
  4. Good point. Surely they would contact him before suing instantly though, so... :S

    They seem decent enough not to sue for me, some companies would ask for a lot more than the original fee.

    Exactly. Probably blown out of proportion to be honest.

    Some member on another forum made the "YOU CAN'T SUE ME" joke :emoji_wink:. So wish this happens.
  5. Here's the mansion in question:

  6. No wander he gets so much hate. That's some house.
  7. He probably was contacted or someone who works for him but with the amount being so small in comparison to his wealth he could have put it on the back burner so to speak. I expect him to pay up now it's in the media it could have even been the reason for them to break the news to TMZ in the first place. So he gets a kick up the arse kinda deal.
  8. Fair enough. God, $15k being a small deal, what it's like to be rich ay.
  9. Cena earns over $600k/year.
  10. I think there was a list released having Cena's salary at 1.7 million in 2006 not sure how accurate it was but still it offers an indicator at least.
  11. I remember seeing Big Show high on a list like that. Don't think any of them are truly accurate as such.
  12. Didn't Show get a really big 10 year contract to get him from WCW though? He could be on a lot more then we think after all he was a pretty big commodity from 1996 - 1999/2000.
  13. No idea on his contract. But yeah no doubt he's one of the top earners. Orton, Cena, Rey, Taker and Kane are probable high earners too.
  14. I smell something fishy here.
  15. Where does John live?
  16. No idea :S.
  17. He lives in florida Land o'lakes according to this. Makes sense since its a florida company lol.

  18. Such a nice area from the looks of it. Jeez.