John Cena, CM Punk or Ryback?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by True Warrior, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Who do you want to walk out the WWE Champion at Survivor Series John Cena, CM Punk or Ryback?
  2. Turn it 4 way with brad Maddox...

    Maddox goes over after RYBACK hits finisher on cena and gets a sneaky win
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  3. :maybe: THISSSS! :emoji_kissing_heart:*

    I luv you so muuuuch!
  4. C.M Punk because I can't stand John Cena and it is too soon for Ryback.
  5. Punk. He's getting extremely stale and his reign has been lame, but he's still better than Cena and Ryberg.
  6. Punk. Too early for Ryback, I get really pissed when Cena wins the title for some reason and he needs a big streak going into his title defense against the Rock.
  7. Punk.

    I don't think I'd enjoy a Rock vs Ryback.
  8. Punk is the only logical choice IMO, Cena doesn't need it and Ryback isn't ready for it. Plus you have Rock floating around soon enough.
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  9. Punk, he will drop it to Rocky at RR.
  10. Punk retains in some weird way again. Not sure he will get the W but he will retain.
  11. This.

    I was actually a little bit irritated when they even put Ryback in the title picture. They have other guys who have been there longer and would overall be more deserving of a title shot, so I didn't particularly like them giving it to Ryback so early. But, whatever.
  12. Punk but knowing WWE and last minute mind changes i have a bad feeling Ryback may walk out champ an they test his star power for a werk or so before chucking it back on Punk.
  13. This sounds hideous so will probably happen, the only decent thing about Ryback winning would be if he legit eats the belt so we get a new fucking design.
  14. Yeah, I could see Ryback winning the title in a scenario like that. Not a good idea imo though.
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