Rumor John Cena Cutting Back on House Shows, No Longer Wrestling Full-Time

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Legit Boss, Jul 8, 2016.

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  1. [​IMG] john Cena has been deadlocked in a feud with AJ Styles and The Club ever since returning to WWE programming at the end of May.

    The rivalry between Cena & Styles is likely to continue through at least “Summerslam.” No matter how great Cena still is at his age, he’s starting to take precautions to prolong his wrestling career as long as possible.

    According to a report from, Cena is cutting back on house show appearances and WWE live events. His schedule is becoming much more limited than it has been throughout his career.

    That doesn’t mean you can’t see John Cena during WWE live events, but he won’t be touring full-time with WWE any longer and it’ll become a more rare occurrence.

    John Cena’s wrestling career has a lot of miles on it, and his success outside of WWE proves that wrestling is a passion, but not a necessity for him or his career.

    It is also important to note that Cena returned roughly three or four months early from his shoulder surgery, so the last thing WWE needs to do is overwork him. That can also explain Cena teaming with Big Cass and Enzo at “Battleground” against The Club.
  2. as much as i dont like watching John, it will be a shame to see him scaled back.
  3. He's beat up, and pretty old. I expect him to be at big house shows, PPVs, TVs and other Network specials. It makes sense. He's their biggest draw, and it's a benefit for both his health, the business and the saturation of his character to keep him on big events.
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  4. He needs to cut down if he plans on being around for the next 5 years.
  5. Knew he was gonna start going part time. Soon he'll be on a Lesnar schedule. Then in a couple years he'll be on a Rock schedule; only Wrestlemania's.
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  6. Good for him. Hope Orton does it, too.
  7. This will give younger talent more time to shine. I love it
  8. He deserves to have more free time. He has went full tilt for over 10 years and has faced countless injuries. So it is best for his health to step back a bit, let the newer guys get some spotlight, and come in for major matches to entertain the fans and give these new guys a chance to measure themselves up against him.
  9. He honestly deserves a lighter schedule. He's been leading the company for years now, and now others are stepping up to try and fill that role. Plus the dude probably hasn't had free time in years.
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