John Cena dating Nikki Bella?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Brie has the better boyfriend :gusta: :goatface:
  2. Definitely..
    Nikki must be jealous of her sister now, especially after probably kissing him..
  3. She's the one with the boob job right?
  4. Cena you dog you.
    Brie has the better boy, as Daniel has the better girl in my honest opinion.
  5. Brie is 100x fitter.
  6. Who really cares at this point. I mean really, the wwe is like a giant soap opera. They all have slept with each other, dated each other and so on. Some do the smart thing and marry outside of the company, while others continue to date current and former wrestlers/divas.

    Personally, I don't care who's sleeping/married with who so long as it doesn't rec/ruin or badly alter what they do in the ring.
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  7. Would've preferred if Cena's not with a Chinny Chin Chin Twins. ://


    Want to laugh your asses off? Check out the reunion pics! :emoji_kissing_heart:*

    Show Spoiler

    ((Dat John Cena Gangnam Style's totally begging to be captioned. :emoji_wink:) ))

  8. We would all be lucky to have either. Good job Johnny and DB
  9. Good for him.
  10. Re: RE: John Cena dating Nikki Bella?

    Probably... Or probably we could all be lucky to have neither, they could both be horrible, stuck up bitches.

    ~Three Said That~
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  11. It isn't the fact that Cena's doing Gangnam Style, it's the fact that he had such a serious face in the picture while doing it. Like wtf.
  12. Tru fax. :maybe:
  13. I thought it's Aj Lee? :smug:
  14. :yes: I agree with ya
  15. But I would love to stick it up either of those bitches.
  16. and she's the hotter twin :pity1:
  17. LOOOL yeah AJ gotta be jealous:otunga:
  18. They are so dating theres another photo of them really close like their about to kiss. OMG I cant believe John is dating Nikki and Daniel Bryan is dating Brie
  19. It makes me wonder if Cena and Danielson are like total broskis. :woo:
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