John Cena debate thread.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Debate, no flaming.

    Recently a status post was made saying because there was a couple of Cena marks on here, they knew nothing about wrestling. I've not come across many Cena marks at all, but I've come across knowledgable wrestling fans who have defended Cena from unnecessary hate, but have agreed with the understandable hate (stale character). I'm proud to say I'm noe of those.

    I don't mark for the guy, I admire his work ethic, attitude, loyalty and dedication to the business though. I think he's grossly underrated by the IWC, his mic work is probably the best with Jericho & Punk, that's including Rock. That's my opinion however.

    I dsiagree with everyone who says Cena marks have no idea about wrestling, I've come across some serious hardcore wrestling fans who are fans of John Cena. Hating on a stale character and hating on the guy are completely different. Anyway, debate it up.

    JeebaK, call someone a moron, idiot, or anything that will start a flame war and I'll junk the post and warn you. That goes to everyone, this is a debate.
  2. Positives - Amazing work ethic, can work a great match when he's motivated, great look, willing to take big bumps and can cut some epic promos.

    Negatives - Seems lazy when it comes to changing his stale gimmick, can be lazy in ring and on the mic at times.

    I know it's marketing spin but when you see stuff like this showing all he does such as the media and charity work it made it impossible for me to hate him.

  3. Only people from England likes Cena, mostly gingers as seen on Youtube.

    My opinion no need to flame me.
  4. I like the guy in ring and out.

    He really has no negatives besides the fact that he will only perform at his best at a PPV when it will benefit him the most. He never performed well at other PPVs besides big time ones like MitB and Summerslam. Wrestlemania he sucked too he didn't put on a good match.
  5. England are just as smarky as New York, Cena gets horribly boo'd here, so thanks for that Zamo.

    Casual cities in the states is his main fan base.
  6. Lol what?
    The majority of England hates him, I'm not included in that.

    Also, FTR, I'm Blonde. And don't post videos of myself on YouTube.
  7. Again, in every thread, I will defend Cena. I like him and I think his mic work is better than The Rock's. Why? Because Rock sits there for 5 minutes before he says something and than when he does say something, it's just something childish like "Cena is gay" or something similar. Cena's mic work is passionate and he gets fired up. Although, he is stale in the ring, sometimes you do see his real ability. Such as in MITB 2011 he was doing all kinds of moves and him and Punk were going back and forth. Anyways, I'll write more when someone quotes me disagreeing.
  8. In-Ring ability: His talent ceiling is astronomical, but he rarely lives up to it. His best matches are against guys who know how to work and who are willing to take big bumps themselves. The biggest strike against the guy as far as I'm concerned is that he used to be a tremendous worker every time he stepped into the ring. Now he gets lazy in there (especially when he's in the ring with other guys who are lazy). He has become the Hulk Hogan of this generation, a guy who can put on a tremendous match and is willing to do what it takes to put a guy over when he respects (or likes or whatever) the guy, but has a problem carrying other guys to good matches. This is not just a strike against him, by the way, a lot of power wrestlers are like this (including .... and, yes, I'm gonna say it, the Rock).

    Mic Work: Again, this is an ability thing with me. He has shown over the years that he can work the mic with the best of them. In fact, like Crayo, I'll put his mic working abilities up there with Punk and Jericho, which is just a level below guys like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and HHH, in my opinion. He knows how, but he gets lazy, just using the same, tried-and-true cliches every time he wants to get over. That's not a knock on catchphrases, by the way. Every great has his catchphrases and we all want to hear Jericho tell us that "things will never be the same ..... a-gay-n" in that perfect rhythm; we all wanted to "smell what the Rock was cooking"; we all wondered "Whatcha gonna do?"; and we all understood that it was "the bottom line...'cause Stone Cold said so." But he way overuses those cliches, not playing to the crowd in an interactive way, just pandering to the kids in the audience (JBL is poopy).

    Work Ethic: This is where Cena blows away just about everybody else in the locker room. He will go. He will be in the ring every night. He will work house shows, TV (Monday or Tuesday, doesn't matter much to him), appear on Letterman and Kimmel, present at the MTV Movie Awards, sign autographs for everybody who wants one, and then wrestle in the main event on Sunday. He is the hardest-working man in the WWE, at least among the wrestlers (Vince McMahon still can outwork anybody on the planet. I mean, "Sleep is the enemy."?).

    Overall: John Cena is a tremedously-talented wrestler who seems to be a genuinely nice guy. But he gets a ton of heat from people and, in a lot of ways, he doesn't deserve it. He needs a character change. He needs to put out a better work-rate every night (or take a night out of the ring every now and then; we'd all understand it, just like we understand it when our favorites do it). I hope he gets a more interesting character. I like to watch him work and I look forward to a lot of his matches up until the last 30 seconds and "The Five Moves of Doom". All in all, I wish that a lot of us in the IWC would lay off of him every once in a while.

  9. I like Cena, a hard worker living the dream.
  10. Cena is my super man!!!! Lol
  11. I've got no problems with him or his abilities, just the way he's booked.
  12. Wackokid: Great post man, really detailed reply. Enjoyable read.
  14. New story.
  15. Everyone else manages a mature reply yet the only hater posts this. Can you elaborate on your post? Without quoting The Rock please other wise this will be junked as LQ.
  16. What junk what The Rock said was TRUE ABOUT JOHN CENA! He suck! I Am giving a fact and my option on him b/c it true! :pity:
  17. Why does he suck? Not because of a quote you heard Rock say but an actual reason such as booking.
  18. Post a reason why, not just because Rock said it bro.
  19. :upset:
    Your posts piss me off badly. Please make an attempt to use proper grammar without keeping capslock on the whole time. Saying "he suck" isn't a high quality post at all. Your entitled to your opinion but at least elaborate.
  20. B/c he Can't wrestle, He does like 5 move, the day he won the wwe title for 1st time he being bitch and turn until so dumb ass "Super Man"! But I did not even like him when he Rapper so so well overall he just SUCK in ever think he done since starting WWE! He can said bad thing to the kids any yet when was a rapper he said bad work all time he SOLD OUT! He PG BITCH or as he said :rock: a KUNG POW BITCH! Any more question!

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