John Cena divorce ends amicably

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. TMZ
  2. Hope things ended well :upset:
  3. That's good to hear, Hopefully Cena's divorce ends up like The Rock's divorce and he doesn't end up losing everything.
  4. So basically he said here is a shit load of money :angry: , buy yourself some shoes and she was all like :yay:
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  5. inb4 Seabs makes a move on Cena for all that money
  6. I'll hustle him then say FU.
  7. He prolly gave the bitch an AA :dawg:
  8. He is a hypocrite. What happened in the first place though, couldn't she see him?

    To be fair though, it ends well.
  9. Just me who's realized he was about to lose everything then powered up and everything worked out well? FUCKING SUPERCENA.
  10. Good for them. Better in the long run to reach a settlement agreement, I'm sure. Better than dragging that shit out. Hopefully for him it was a decent agreement. Just glad it's over with now and they can go on about their lives.
  11. Liz obviously couldnt do shit getting any of Cena's money with that pre nup in place so she had no choice but to settle things calmly
  12. She's gonna come back on the 1000th RAW during Cena's match and she's gonna say, "CENA I'M PREGNANT!!!!!"
    And Cena's gonna be like :angry:
    And then Punk is gonna be like :burns::jeritroll: and gets the roll up pin and :win:
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  13. Why has Punk lost his hair?
  14. Because when you become stale you lose your hair
  15. Explains :hogan: and his extensions.
  16. :isee: but just wait until :bury: comes along.
  17. Good for him.
  18. Good for Cena, now that's over. Let him focus on WWE.
  19. I wonder why he decided to file for divorce? I guess either he didn't love her anymore or had been playing away.

    At least they managed to finish everything on good terms though, as if they have a kid (not sure if they do or don't) it would be a lot better for them in the long run.
  20. They apparently argued over Cena's wife wanting to remodel their kitchen. Then it came up that Cena has bedded multiple divas over the years