John Cena divorces wife. Wife hires Linda Hogans lawyer

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  1. So according to the Miami herald John Cena has filed for divorce from his wife of 3 years and high school sweetheard, Liz Huberdeau (Try saying that three times fast.) Cenas wife has also reportedly hired the same lawyer that Linda Hogan hired and is hoping for similar results. The report also reveals that Cena is worth approximately 18 million dollars.

    LOL Cena in divorce hearings. But seriously if there ever is a battle I want Cena to come out and destroy in I hope it's this one.

  2. Holy shit I didn't expect this at all. I hope he literally takes her to the cleaners to get her a new job.
  3. Cena is a rich bastard..
  4. Posted a thread on this as well but looks like you beat me to it. Anyway from reading the link looks like Liz is gonna take John to the cleaners OMG this is gonna be messy
  5. Cena has a prenup though that says that has the full right to take back any gifts, monetary and material. His wife will most likely try but it won't be as easy as it was to clean out Hogan.
  6. Cena was smart if he had a prenup. Not much she can do.
  7. Going to be nowhere near as easy as Hogans.
    She'll be lucky to get $1m.
  8. This could be devastating for Cena's public image. This could be the thing that kills Cena's status as top guy. If you read the Herald link I posted you can see that a close source says this will be even dirtier than the Hogan affair.

    Cena's wife could kill his status as top guy in the company if the stuff is juicy enough.
  9. I know this is effed up money wise, but I really can't blame her. He NEVER takes breaks. He trolled us with the broken arm shtick. I don't even know how they met if he never stayed in one place.
  10. High School Sweethearts.
  11. That women knew what she was getting into in 2009 when they married.

    And I don't believe much 'juicy' stuff will come out of it.

    Before Cena was married and just before WWE went PG, Cena was on the radio admitting to sleeping around with fans after shows.
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  12. Prenup. John done the smart thing.

    It might be messy though, she has a fucking good lawyer. But with that prenup he should be fine. I'm not sure about how much she will take out of his chunk but it won't be 70% which was Linda's take out of Hogan's stash.
  13. Like I said before, I reckon she'll be very lucky to get $1m.
  14. Hope he aint getting divorce raped like Kobe Bryant. Marriage is a contract nowadays, especially in the States. Men should protect themselves at all times from this. A prenup won't even help him for the 100%.
  15. +10 Rep for Cena. Putting his fame to good use. Made my day. :lel:
  16. insert popcorn gif here

    dis gon be good
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  17. This.
  18. I just had to like that for two reasons. 1: Popcorn. 2: Jake Shields in the sig.
  19. A Jake Shields fan huh? I like him because he's from the Bay Area, but he's probably my least favorite member of the scrap pack.
  20. "scrap pack" lmfao liked.

    Anyway, I really don't want John to be raped here. I know many haters are on here but I doubt many of them want that.
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