John Cena Getting Split Reactions As A Heel

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  1. This is something I've pondered off and on recently. Most people assume that if/when the day comes that John Cena finally turns heel, it'll be one of the biggest moments ever and he'll become one of the most hated of all time, given that he's been top baby face of the company for nearly a decade and yet still been booed by half the audience pretty much his entire time at the top. Some people, who I think might be overly optimistic, feel his heel turn could even cause a huge new influx of viewers similar to Hogan's heel turn in 1996.

    But has anyone ever considered the fact that Cena may still get 50/50 split reactions even after the turn? He gets the reactions now because a large portion of the audience belongs to the 18-34 age demographic and are very vocal at making their dislike of him known. But who is to say that in the event of a turn that the roles won't just become reversed? The half who cheer him now can follow along and start booing him but I get the feeling that with the change of character, the other half would just start cheering him again. Keep in mind this is the same group of people who were helping to give him huge positive reactions in late 2003 and throughout most of 2004, and then helped to give him mega reactions around the end of 2004 and the first of 2005. This was back when he was doing the rap thing and still had some edge. He wasn't stale or corny just yet or shoved down people's throats.

    These same fans also still love to cheer heels who they think are awesome or 'bad ass.' The Shield get cheers quite often. So does Brock Lesnar. Dolph Ziggler got positive reactions as well, which is why he was turned face. If Cena adopted an edgier persona (imagine one where he said he cared only about himself, not the kids or the fans or anyone), do you not think these people would think he's awesome again and start cheering once more? The fact that he would be patronizing and condescending towards the audience wouldn't affect those specific people either, The Rock did that with his awesome "Hollywood Rock" persona back in 2003, but they still cheered him. CM Punk became more beloved last year AFTER he went heel, just listen to his mega reaction at Summerslam, the first PPV after his heel turn.

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  2. wwe need to do something that will really piss the fans off for him to get booed in every corner of an arena the only thing that will i think will work is he beats taker at mania and wins dirty otherwise like you say will get mixed reactions
  3. It depends on how Cena spins it. He swears up and down he doesn't have it in... which is a lie because we all have heel in us...

    He could get 100% heel heat if Cena truly locks in....something like...Jericho not speaking for an entire month back in Jan '12

    It can be done... he can get the heat, but he'll need to dig deep ...getting people to hate you isn't really hard at all
  4. But getting people to consistently hate you week in week out is jericho just happens to be one of the best people at it.
  5. If this was to happen, I'd have a Cena-Lesnar rematch where Cena loses, is beaten down and then at the next RAW, Cena is flabbergasted and attacks Heyman, before several superstars come out to stop him. Cena takes out the majority of them, before walking out of the arena. Next week, Lesnar returns and brawls with Cena amongst the entire roster (like he did last year) and Cena starts to show elements of heel, but denies it. Cena finally takes an F5 from Lesnar and leaves, before coming back as a heel and feuding with face CM Punk, face Daniel Bryan and we also see The Rock come back for a "war of words" where Dwayne is all 'come on, i didn't lose to title to YOU! I lost it to an honourable man'... 'i haven't changed at all, Dwayne. I still am the Doctor of Thuganomics who lives by Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. You can't see me, get on my level!'
  6. Well, yeah, when Cena turns heel the smarks will start cheering him, this is pretty predictable.
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