John Cena Hints At A Possible Return?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 15, 2016.

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  1. :hmm:
  2. I don't think it is about his actual return date. It's about his rehab more likely. He's gambling with the amount of weight he can work with.
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  3. Didn't think of it like that. True.
  4. If John Boy returns from surgery for a torn rotator cuff in two weeks he truly is a superhuman. But those things are not quick healing, taking at least 3-4 months + rehab to heal proper. And John went out in late December/early January. And last I saw him post an update he only had like 12 % strength in his arm. It has to be regarding his rehab I think
  5. I really hope he can make this mania. I just don't think he can rehab that fast. I would love to see a feud between him and taker as of now
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  6. Given his previous returns from injury it really wouldn't surprise me if he did make it.
  7. True. He has a pretty astonishing track record. But from what I have been able to see of his rehab on social media (he is surprisingly open about it and his process) I don't think he's rushing back. Especially with Nikki out as well post neck surgery.

    It could be so simple as the tweet just being one of his typical motivational posts.
  8. He is also a lot older now too so his recovery likely wont be as smooth as the first few ones he had.
  9. I'll seriously say John cena is the best ever if he makes it back from this before mania. That's seriously insane
  10. HGH can do wonders. js
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  11. As much flack as he gets the dude's a fucking machine.. I wouldn't be totally surprised if he did make it back in time for WM..

    I definitely think it's not far off to say he could make an appearance.. odds of him actually working a match are definitely looking slim.. But a promo? I could see it.
  12. Arrive. Challenge someone for Summerslam/next year. Leave
  13. I doubt he makes it back in time for Mania, but if he does, he's a fucking machine.
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  14. He's truly inhuman and wolverine if he can make it back
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  15. They desperately need him right now, the show is boring without him, the main-event scene sucks, the divas are boring and the mid-card is as bad as it always is.
  16. He sure is trying but it is best at this point that he just takes it easy... Come back in a few months Jawn.

  17. Don't come back pls.
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  18. I wish he would've been here for this years mania honestly. But oh well. Just come back as a heel. Beat Romans ass at summerslam. They'd have a gold feud
  19. Come back and be a heel or knock up nicki.. or both if you want... But no more face Jawn Seena!
  20. Shame he couldn't make it back in time for Mania, would have saved us from seeing the 562th storyline centering around McMahon family drama.
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