John Cena is not actually injured (for those kayfabe-lives *hi crayo*)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. No, he's not actually injured. It's a work because no one would believe Cena vs Dolph at TLC that Dolph would have a hope in hell against a fresh Cena so he has to have some disability.

    Sorry to those people thought it was real.
  2. Can we add a 'Most condescending post of the year' to the list of awards?
  3. Source? My source is look at his landing, and then look at him trying to catch Dolph. He's not a good actor, he was legitimately hurt. Impact injury son.
  4. You want a bet? I'll double my bet that I owe up to $10 that he isn't legitimatly hurt.

    If a news story comes out within 7 days saying he isn't actually hurt I get staff.

  5. [​IMG]

    These don't even seem kayfabe.
  6. Play the working injured super hero. Cena booking 101.

    He ain't injured, :dawg:
  7. You have no proof lol. Look at his landing and the resulting scene. Just an impact injury. He's fine now though I reckon, fine enough to work so yeah.
  8. I don't think any of this stuff abou the MRI is true personally, but he definitely hurt himself with that landing. Why would you no sell everything for 7 years then randomly sell a kiss from AJ Lee?

    I don't know. But I'm siding with Jonathan with this.
  10. Yes and no.

    He did not tare his meniscus most likely but he definitely landed wrong and suffered some impact damage. A hurt ankle most likely but it was not a torn meniscus.
  11. if it was major i dont think they would have done that locker room segmant as it could of aggravated it more and made it worse probably a bit of bruising nothing more
  12. It looked like it was a legit injury, but it probably isn't anything major so they're just playing up to it now since you can't really ignore his limping
  13. Yeah trying to not make Super Cena look like a wuss!
  14. Turns out everyone agrees with me

    *hi jonthan*
  15. No they don't Crayo. A lot of them are just eating what you say as they don't have their own opinion.
  16. Well, damn. I'm not saying it definitely isn't a kayfabe injury, but it's not like you proof yet either, sheesh.
  17. Yeah Crayo and I agree on everything.
  18. Jealousy is a sin.
  19. Jealousy is a sin.
  20. Jealous of...? :hmm:
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