John Cena MITB

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Webx, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. Hey. im i the only one who thinks john cena is not going to make a cheat cash in like the past? i think he will do RVD style tell the date that he will cash in and trade it for Number one contendership instead of a Automatic Match on a Beat down champion? Agree or Disagree thoughts? RAPE that Reply button XD :jeritroll:
  2. I already said that he would do what RVD did!
  3. He'll cash it on Punk in a proper match at Summerslam, Punk will win dirty meaning Cena is the first man to fail.
  4. No shit sherlock
  5. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. Cash in for a match at Summerslam.

    Just doesn't seem like him to cash on someone when they're defenseless, would be hilarious if he did though.
  6. :O how do i get on TEAM Showoff im a HUGE ziggler fan
  7. The only reason Cena would is if Rock won it on the 1000th Raw and then Cena took advantage of him. But even that wouldn't happen, as WWE would certainly book a Cena/Rock match for Summerslam, if possible.
  8. NO! I going to be CM Punk vs. Rock for the WWE Title at SummerSlam! Are u not reading what were saying?!
  9. Kinda obvious Cena will do this, I think we'd mark more if he did it the Edge or CM Punk way :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  10. Randy, only you seem to believe that the Rock will face Punk for the title at Summerslam. Whilst it would be a interesting match up it is too unlikely.
  11. It will probably be a summerslam thing. also red text is annoying, you should use the default text
  12. Cena vs Punk will take place at Summerslam Savage. Punk doesn't deserve a match with Rock, he would lose within a heart beat [​IMG]
  13. I could see Cena cashing it in that way.
  14. I'm not sure. He has not had the title in a while and I think part of the idea will be he uses whatever chance he can to get it back. Not sure though.
  15. That could happen to. I could see him cashing in in a hurt guy, in advance, failing the cash in... I can see lots of stuff. In other words, I'm not able to predict cash ins at all. :haha:

  16. Now i do not see this happening but if it did it would be Great to see Rock beat punk and win wwe title as he promised and cena cash in finally Beating the rock and becoming a boring champ once again.(i hate cena) THis would do 3 things
    1.ROck will go threw with his promise
    2.Cena will even it up with the rock
    3.Rock wont have to keep coming to defend the title he inst there long enough
    for a long term run,
  17. Yeah he'll do that.
  18. Hey guys, Cena's a hero , a face, definitely he will cash it in a so called ''RVD STYLE'' but watchout for his 1st attempt at Raw1000
  19. Hmm I guess he could cash in monday. and Rock come out cost him the match making him the first to lose. his money in the bank cash in and set up Rock Vs Cena Part 2
  20. I hope Rock interferes in his match making him lose.
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