News John Cena off Raw?, Harper/Rowan update, WWE applies for new trademarks

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 30, 2014.

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  1. "John Cena is no longer on local advertising for this coming Monday’s Raw in Buffalo, NY. No word on why. It could be because of movie filming.

    Luke Harper and Erick Rowan are expected back on TV very soon. They have vignettes made for Harper. I think one aired on WWE Main Event this week.

    WWE has applied for ther trademark “WWE Fast Lane.” As first reported on the Wrestling Observer website over the weekend, that will be the name for the February pay-per-view.

    They’ve also applied for the trademark “The New Day.” That sounds like it would be for a WWE Studios movie."


    John Cena off RAW? Oh, thank God! :happy:The show is instantly gonna be 10/10

    Good news is, Luke Harper is advertised for the show. Just seen it on
    Looking forward to seeing the repackaged Luke Harper who's now set free.
  2. That suck I wanted to see my boy :damn::angry:
  3. :boohoo:
  4. Lol Fast Lane = Gay PPV name.
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  5. LOL, yeah. Seeing a dogshit name like that one, you'd expect wrestlers to go on car racing.
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  6. Fast Lane sounds terrible. Cena being off, well, I guess it's a plus but I don't watch live anyway so I already skip his stuff.
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  7. Fast Lane sounds horrible to you, but may sound awesome to children.
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  8. To hell with 'em. :happy:
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  9. Could they not just take up One Night Only PPV ideas? Rename it to something else, but instead of doing shit PPVs like Battleground, do crazy new never-before-seen matches that can only be accessed via the WWE Network. Heck, what about a ONO PPV featuring WWE vs NXT?
  10. I like the idea. But, let's not exaggerate, WWE doesn't really understand the terms of 'new' and 'never before seen'. lol

    RINSE, WASH, REPEAT - That's WWE's mantra
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  11. What the hell? Why did they remove EC? Or did they just move it?
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