News John Cena Open to Airing Wedding on TV

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  1. I think he's open to it because Nikki is open to it...
    And I think most (straight) men would want to keep
    Nikki Bella happy.

    I still think Maryse was a hotter Nikki Bella than
    the real Nikki Bella...

    Can we get Maryse to cosplay as some of the other
    women on the roster?


    Wait...what were we talking about?
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  2. Cena being open to Airing his wedding on TV..... LOL
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  3. Nope. Nikki Bella is a hogbeast. On a scale of 1 -10, she's dogpoo
  4. Wow...a man of incredibly high standards...
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  5. This chick is hotter than Nikki Bella.

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  6. And the award for the most random image posted on the forums this year goes to...

    So Red...can I call you Red?

    Who in the WWE do you find attractive? I'm just curious...

    I mean I know you're an Eva Marie fan...and that's cool...
    but who else gets the Red Rain tick of approval?
  7. I'd also say this sounds more like a Nikki Bella idea that Cena is open to because John doesn't need it as far as money and attention goes, Nikki does tho
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    You can call me Red, buddy. No problem.

    As for WWE women that I dig, I would have to say zero. I have too many options in my real life.
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  9. Of stupid of me...I should have known that...
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  10. Not stupid. I can't let that slide. Your take on " I ran " by A Flock of Seagulls was accurate. I listened to that sucker over and over and couldn't nail it. You shared a spot on analysis.

    I'm pretty sure Charlie Sheen is the dumbest person alive, so there you go.
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  11. Cheers...I try my best...