John Cena "out of it"?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 13, 2012.

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    Interesting. No surprise following his divorce, I'm wondering if WWE will give him time off. I'm not sure how ruthless the fans will be - I doubt there will be any chants about it, that's horrid, but I've seen some retarded Cena haters encourage the crowd tomorrow to do so.
  2. Poor fellow, that's what you'd expect from everyone. Well, there's a Raw house show I'll go to next week, now I'm not really sure whether Cena will be there or not.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Well considering hes divorcing his wife and she has hired a very good lawyer I guess John is gonna look out of it he must know hes gonna get fucked over and plus going through a divorce is stressful. I think WWE should do the right thing and tell John to go home sort all this divorce out and only come back when its all sorted as hes not gonna be able to focus on wrestling when his ex wife is wanting every penny out of him
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  5. Omg that's amazing. I want to save it but I don't know what as.
  6. :Movealong: ?
  7. Saving it as :nod :
  8. Don't hate on the crowd or expect them to feel sorry for him or feel sympothy. They come to the show to have fun, not have cena be a downer to them.

    And if I was cena I'd find your comment insulting in a way. John cena is a grown man, I'm sure he can take "the fans being mean" plus this is a good test to see if john cena is a lying or not. does he really live by his motto "rise above hate"? or is it just a gimmick.
  9. I'd be mentally exhausted too, if I had to deal with the job of carrying the company and being on the road constantly with virtually no break, and now also with a soon-to-be-ex wife who wants to extract every penny out of me that she can.
  10. He's not saying that they shouldn't boo him, he's saying that they should show compassion and not chant about it (I think). Of course he can take "the fans being mean", he's done it for 6 years, it's just that he's going through a horrendous period in his life at the moment and having it chanted at him would be horrendous.

    I hope they take him off asap because lets be honest, not many of us really care about what he's doing in the next few weeks? His fued with Ace is horrible and they already have two perfectly good main events, so if they added another midcard match it would be fine.
  11. Its gonna be interesting to see how out of it John looks tonight
  12. Messed up man.. Poor John. First the illness of his brother, and now the divorce.. Rough, rough times.
  13. Probably just the divorce.
  14. It would be terrible, considering we all know somebody who's been divorced. The divorce rate 50% in U.S. He who is without sin, may cast the first stone. Anybody giving him a hard time is a hypocrite.
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