News John Cena potentially injured at house show

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 5, 2015.

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  1. As noted, John Cena possibly suffered a neck or nose injury at tonight's WWE live event in Hampton, VA during a Street Fight against Kevin Owens.

    Apparently the injury happened when Cena was doing an Infrared sunset flip and landed on his head, according to

    We noted that Cena wrestled another 5 or 6 minutes, even going through a table, and was checked on by a handful of WWE officials and trainers. He walked straight to the back after the match but did stop to point back at the crowd.

    We've reached out to WWE for comment and will keep you updated.

    OUCH. That looked like it hurt. John really fucked up on that one.
  2. Maybe he shouldn't do that move on house shows (or ever) again.
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  3. Jeez, that looked painful.
  4. If Cena has to take time off, Owens should go face, and take out Seth Rollins: "You broke his nose, I broke his neck!"
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  5. Except Owens had nothing with the injury to do. That botch is all on John
  6. That's how we see it, but will Vince see it the same way? If we see Owens lose to The Big Guy at NoC then we'll be in for a fun ride.
  7. Gotta hand it to him, the fact he still went on is commendable.
  8. If they didn't punish Samoa Joe for damn near crippling Tyson Kidd, they shouldn't be able to find justification in doing anything to Owens either.

    On a separate note, I can't believe they actually book guys to wrestle in hardcore matches on house shows. The "boys" have enough wear and tear on their bodies as it is due to the rigorous schedule and normal gimmick matches they're already asked for partake in, you'd think they'd go a little easier on them when it comes to live events, but no.
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  9. It's Cena though huge difference between his and Kidd's value to the company.
  10. Yeah. Barret busted Cena's nose after winning KOTR and he got sent on preshow duty for a while for that. Value of the guy doing the damage and of the guy getting damaged will be a factor.
  11. It'd be lame, but not surprising, if VKM punished KO because of this.
  12. I don't know if that can really be considered punishment or not. We all know the company doesn't value Barrett much, so he was likely gonna be assigned to wrestling on the pre-shows anyway.

  13. :ko:
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  14. Shoot, before this I was digging this new gimmick of "being an ROH tryhard", too. :downer:
    give him credit for busting out every new move he can possibly find, even a freaking Canadian Destroyer. Call me when he does one well

    get well soon though
  15. Why hate on the guy. He's doing what people want him to and that's trying something different. Does he do it right, not always, but I give credit where credit is due. Good Job Cena. :cenanope:
  16. Instead of doing the Springboard Stunner and the Sunset Flip Powerbomb, that've ended up being botched more often than not, he should bring back the Half Nelson (dropped into a) Neckbreaker. I believe Cena used it last year a couple of times in his matches against Luke Harper, and also against Sandow back in 2013.
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  17. John Cena should just shuffle it up, to something he can do on regular basis without endangering himself, or his opponent with a horrible botch.
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  18. Cena is apparently fine...

  19. Well there we have it.
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