John Cena putting on a brave face

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, May 15, 2012.

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  1. Watching John Cena last night on Raw he was putting on a brave face and trying to be his usual wacky self doing that promo but really I think he was hurting deep down this guy shouldnt be anywhere near a ring I think he will have a meltdown at some point over this divorce. Vince should really tell him to go home theres only so long you can put on a brave face before you crack under the pressure
  2. Why have you made 10 John Cena's feelings thread since the divorce became public knowledge? It's not like this was sprung on Cena out of nowhere. He has known about it or known it was a possibility for a lot longer than the public has. I really doubt he is moping around heart broken and had to put on a 'brave face'

    You could have posted this thought in any number of the other stupid ass Cena threads you've posted over the past 2 or 3 days, no?
  3. I agree, the guy needs some time off..
  4. I'm not sure whether he was putting on a brave face but he does need time off, he was unbearable last night.
  5. This thread is total BS. John Cena is like every woman's ideal dream man. He can have any girl anytime he wants too. WTF is this.
  6. I agree, he should have some time off. I could put up with not seeing Cena for some time. :burns:
  7. Not really a challenge :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. Exactly. :gusta:
  9. The one you marry, is the one you love the most. When that loved one falls away, your life could be destroyed. A big empty hole inside you will slowly break you down. It's not that easy to go from being married to like 'hey, f that. I will find a new one.' It ain't that easy bro, 'she' or 'he' is special to you.
  10. Everyone assumes that Cena was still head over heels in love with this chick and she is dumping him and breaking his heart. Nobody knows what their relationship was like so I don't see why you would make assumptions like that. Just because you marry someone doesn't mean you stay in love with them forever. 50% divorce rate suggests that 1 in every 2 marriages weren't true love after all.
  11. Assumptions? When you saw them together, they were in love bro. But I just stated it as a general thing. The other guy was like: 'F that, he'll be banging some other chick in a day or two.' Atleast that was the way I saw it. So I just pointed out some things, bro.
    Don't sweat it.
  12. Dolphs' is so right here. I've been with someone long after it was really over. By the time we officially split, it was more of a relief. Very few couples divorce right away. The process is excruciating as you are fighitng the yes/no thoughts in your head.

    John has a nice family and no children, which is a blessing for him.
  13. I wasn't just responding to you, but everyone in general. People keep saying 'oh John needs time off' or 'I hope he isn't too depressed' things like that. As Kia pointed out not many couples rush to quick divorces. If it gets to that point in all likelihood both parties are ready for it and nobody is shocked or devastated by it.
  14. I said don't sweat it but :okay:
  15. plus, why would you think they were actually in love because they had 5 seconds of camera time? even though you're aware that she wants all the money she can get from him. if she loved him she wouldn't want the money. the rock divorced in 2003 and they loved each other and his wife didnt take a lot of money. and rock and his wife are best friends today. something I doubt cena and his wife will be whether she gets the money or not.
  16. Not what I was talking about. Just drop it, dude....
  17. Dudes, Cena dumped her. People need to realise that.
  18. It's funny how Cena doesn't have kids considering how much he seems to love them. Same for Big Show. The guys that apparently love kids the most don't have any. While Chris Benoit had like 3 of 'em.
  19. It isn't a coincidence female wrestlers wait to have children too. We take the bigger risk than you guys do, but I can hardly imagine leaving my child for days at a time every week
  20. Guys I've been through a divorce.

    Even though it was a relief, it was still catastrophic to my psyche.

    I was a completely different person for a calendar year!
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