News John Cena Reportedly Killed Baron Corbin’s Push

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  1. Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barraso appeared on Wrestling Inc’s podcast this past Wednesday and claimed that John Cena was the person behind Baron Corbin’s push coming to an end.

    “I heard the kiss of death was Cena. [Cena said] that Corbin wasn’t ready. I can’t say anymore right now, that’s kind of what I’m trying to work on as we speak.”

    While it was being speculated via Dave Meltzer that his push came to an end because of his recent activity on Twitter, Barraso mentioned that he didn’t hear anything of that nature.

    “I haven’t heard about the social media. I mean, he’s a heel right? So he should play one on social media. I don’t think that was the issue, but then again they kind of pick and choose who they defend in those cases. I don’t know, but right now, I don’t think that’s [social media] the reason.”

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