John Cena/Roman Reigns

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  1. Just got done reading a John Cena interview with little relevance other than one question and one answer. "Who's your dream opponent" or something to that effect. Cena's Reply: Roman Reigns, who he then goes on to subtly hint at a future angle with. I'd link it but there's nothing to it other than that. This is an inevitable WWE championship WrestleMania main event match in the next 2-3 years. I just wonder where everyone stands on this match.

    Personally I'm interested in seeing how the crowd would react to a Cena/Reigns match. Would Reigns finally be cheered or would Cena finally receive a full baby face reaction for the first time in years?
  2. Cena seems to be the lesser of two evils atm.
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  3. To be honest. Has Cena/Reigns one on one happened before?

    It strikes me as the one big singles match WWE still has with the current main roster, possible call ups not included
  4. Cena any day but i think Roman will be the one he passes the torch to, Ala Rock vs Hogan, Cena vs Rock, etc.
  5. If that match were to happen, Cena would get cheered over Reigns.
  6. Yea I think Cena would easily be the favorite in that match up. I'd enjoy that very much so, as I like to boo both guys. Not sure why.

    I don't know what it is about Roman, but I never liked him outside the Shield. Better seen not heard I guess.
  7. That match is inevitable. It would draw too. I see reigns winning.
  8. It's a fresh match up.. It would be better than anything they're doing right now.. Cena/Reigns is obviously a match that will happen and the fans will love it
  9. It would be an amazing match, storytelling wise. I'm not sure how the pure in-ring action would be like, but when the times calls both men can deliver in both ways. It can be like Okada v. Tanahashi or Flair v. Race or even Rock v. Hogan. It would be a match of extreme magnitude and hyped like no other, where no one knew who to like; however, in this case it's who to hate. It's one match that's been held off from TV since Reigns debuted. Reigns vs. Rollins has happened on SmackDown, but Reigns vs. Cena has never happened. It would be a great match, nonetheless.

    As for who I think would be presented as the face by the crowd, it would John Cena. Cena has been getting warmer and warmer reactions, and it's come to the point where most people Boo for the fun, and the sour tastes have faded since he isn't the focus for every show. It's a great dynamic, and can be a massive success.
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  10. Probably the most high profile match we can have among the full time roster. All the mixed reactions, criticism and loathing by a reasonable section of the audience aside, it's hard to deny that these two are indeed the two most popular professional wrestlers in the world today by just about each and every global parameter. This program certainly should be treated with caution. Can definitely be an era defining match if done right.
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