John Cena Says HHH & Vince Wanted To Fire Him Years Ago

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Big Hoss Rambler, Mar 28, 2012.

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  1. They made a mistake? :troll:
  2. He's got a point tbh, about always working your way up no matter what. I'm surprised Vince wanted him fired after all he's got a stupidly marketable look.
  3. Cena has such a cool voice.
    Weard to read about the firing thing.
  4. Must of blew Vince to keep his job or something. Damn Vince and his being easily persuaded by blowjobs
  5. Wow Imagine if he had though the WWE would be so different and probably be in a massively worse state if they hadn't had Cena!
  6. No they would have just pushed somebody else. The only reason Cena became as big as he did is because Brock left.
  7. I love the constant never give up lines. That will piss so many Cena haters off. To think HHH has the power to fire someone makes me sick.
  8. Explains why Kane has managed to keep his job for some many years doesn't it.......... You know because Cena wasn't kept because he has a marketable look, charisma, work ethic and the ability to work a mic naturally. Not a fan of Cena personally but you're hate is phenomenally bad.
  9. Yeah but imagine no Cena it's strange to think who would they have pushed and would they have been as marketable in the long run for the WWE as Cena was?
  10. The thing about Cena is he pats himself on the back way too much. Yeah he's a hard worker and dedicated, we all know that, but so were many before him. Im sure SCSA, The Rock, Kane, The Undertaker, and HHH were very dedicated to the company as well, but you never had them throwing up in your face every chance they got. He acts like he's the 1st person to ever beat the odds and rise up in the ranks as a superstar. He comes off as a self-righteous asshole sometimes. Like last Raw, he said "They hate me because I always rise above and win" Uh, ok so he's basically throwing in our faces that he knows he's being booked as a Superman and he knows we hate him for it, but he's not going to change. He comes off like he's all for the fans, but when there is an outcry from the fan's for him to turn heel, he basically says "fuck you im not changing" Im starting to think he just doesnt want to give up that posterboy, boy scout, do no wrong, Superman title because he wants to remain the head guy at WWE. John Cena doesnt give a shit about the fans, this is how he feels:


    Kane> Cena.
  11. I really wouldent be suprised
  12. i hate 2 admit this, but i think John might be lying here. vince saw $ signs in John since his very first match when Paul Heyman (is that his name?) thorugh him out there. John's said in the past his biggest supporters were always vince and brooklyn brawler (whoever that is)

    things don't add up cuz Stephanie loved John too.
  14. Aye, you're hurting my ears!!!
  15. I remember hearing rumors about Triple H burying Cena back then because he started to really get over (before the rapper gimmick) but Triple H felt he didn't yet earn that kind of push. Ironically, Batista was also almost fired right before they decided to out him in Evolution (Mark Jindrak was originally gonna be the fourth guy in the group instead.)
  16. Wouldn't surprise me.
  17. Sorry but u put WHY DID YOU FIRE HIM? YES? REALLY?

    But he DIDN'T FIRE HIM.

    Cause I'm Cloud and I'm AWESOME!!!!

  18. I wonder how many great main eventers could have been devloped and put over in the 7 years Cena has been in his spot.
  19. Probably none, Vince would have just kept Batista as a superstar with HHH and Orton surrounding him.
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