John Cena says "it's apparent (The Rock) doesn't like homosexuals or second

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    What do you think of their childish reactions to each other? Discuss this.
  2. I don't find either of them entertaining in this feud TBH.
  3. It's not much of a feud really. If The Rock was on TV it would be epic there are too many small segments for it to work.
  4. Yea I started to call it a 'feud' but we all know what it is and isn't. Even when Rock was making appearances after the initial nostalgia burst he's just been okay in my eyes. The fact that he spent 20 minutes of Wrestlemania babbling about nothing and forced Sheamus/DB to a dark match still chaps my ass
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  5. I never knew it was actually personal until Survivor Series.
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  6. well for cena to say the rock dosent like gay people is a ridiculous statement he played a gay character in be cool in 2005 and for those who say he aint been here to build it up with cena remember when hogan and the nwo came? it needed from no way out till wm 18 a month or so to build up and that was one of the best matches of all time in terms of nostalgia and atmosphere so it dosent neeed a long build up to make it a memorable fued.
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  7. Yeah I'm not a fan of the personal twitter remarks, it'll just ruin it.
  8. I think it's the only real build up we have to the match... Rock needs to be more active in coming to the events, especially since Wrestlemania is right around the corner. Sure I'm already pumped to see it, but I mean come on. Add a little more to it.
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  9. Completely agreed. If this is WWE's way of adding spice to it then nice, because I'm generally believing these two don't like each-other. Thuogh, I'd want to see Rock at least 5 times live before WM. Not possible? Then add some satellite clips or w.e :sleepy:. I don't think two appearances before Wrestlemania is enough to build this massive dream feud.
  10. 'yum rockets' in college? What's that all about?

    And Dwayne isn't Cena's buddy. Throwing homosexual slurs at someone isn't very cordial

    The Brian bit was pretty cool.

    The Rock is a walking catchphrase... and Cena freestyles off the top of his head. Yeah, Rock you lose
  11. yeah dude.

    Honestly, I can't say I like Rock more because I never seen him as much. But I do think the Rock is very entertaining but I'm sorry I support Cenation...Working hard everyday,.
  12. Rock does have a lot of catch-phrases and relies on them a lot too, however, he does come up with some pretty comical off-his-head stuff sometimes. Overall I still think Cena out-does him, an unpopular opinion but when they met last year, Cena dominated him. Rock said the tradiational "how about I whip your monkey ass over Chicago" and Cena pretty much made him look like an idiot by dissing Cena over his clothes.
  13. If you ever watch '8 Mile' you really freestyling in front of people that hate you isn't easy

    The Rock can/has easily thought up catchphrases weeks before he debuts them in a promo

    Everyone of you could come up with a catchphrase and debut it on RAW tomorrow night

    I've got ten bucks says neither of you could bust a freestyle on RAW tomorrow night in front people who hate your guts
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  14. Completely agree, got a like from me :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    8mile is epic, of course I've seen it!!! :smile:
  15. I thought John Cena was gay. I still think he is.
  16. WWE isn't helping with the whole Ryder/Cena angle

    How many of you guys would go nuts over a guy getting his brains kicked in?

    How many of you same guys would go nuts over a chick getting her brains kicked in?

    It makes no sense for a heterosexual male to get so worked up over a buddy of his getting his butt kicked
  17. Maybe, though IRL I'm the sort of person to care if my mate was getting his ass handed to him. I like the "best friend" angle, it's a great way to turn Cena.
  18. We want to question the sexuality of a wrestler because he stands up for a friend? Not because he rolls around with sweaty men in trunks for a living? It's the classic babyface idea of "fighting for what's right". Yes I also quoted Hulk Hogan's theme in this post.
  19. It's sad I love The Rock but he's coming across as a homophobic old geezer who lives in the past. *sigh* John Cena is owning him.
  20. @JohnCena Settle down cowgirl. Your lemon panties are getting bunched up in your lady parts. #HustleLoyaltyVagisil

    Must admit I find Rock's tweets to Cena quite funny sometimes.