No Mercy John Cena... Should win?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. Thought this was an interesting read. Here are three reasons John Cena should win at No Mercy.
    As always, share your thoughts and such.

    3. Cena Will Eventually Pass Flair Anyway

    John Cena sits one win away from tying Ric Flair’s record of 16 title reigns and that’s his end of the narrative coming into No Mercy.

    But let’s be real: Cena will not retire having tied or fallen one short of Flair’s record. Not at long as Vince McMahon is alive, anyway. For as undeniable an icon as Flair is, Cena will endure as the biggest McMahon acolyte in the history of Vince’s hallowed legacy.

    Flair spent ages in other promotions. Hulk Hogan defected to WCW and recently found himself in, well, saying the doghouse may be kind. The Rock left for Hollywood. Steve Austin had off-camera issues with management. Bret Hart will always be tied to Montreal.

    2. Dean Ambrose and A.J. Styles Will Be Fine

    Alright, but doesn’t a John Cena win immediately neuter A.J. Styles, just as The Phenomenal One finds his footing as first-time WWE champ?

    That’s the beauty of the Triple Threat match: the outcome can protect anyone.

    Recall Seth Rollins’ win at Wrestlemania 31, when the high-flying CrossFitter stole the belt from human mastodon Brock Lesnar. He did it not by beating Lesnar, but by pinning Roman Reigns in an impromptu Triple Threat match after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase. That outcome did nothing to diminish Lesnar’s reputation as destroyer of planets, gave Rollins the strap, kept Reigns in the main event scene, and everyone left happy.

    Same principle applies at No Mercy. Despite only owning the belt for a month, Styles can lose it without suffering. Have Cena pin Dean Ambrose while Styles is incapacitated in some way and you give Styles the same benefit Lesnar enjoyed. Styles never loses the match, the Triple Threat stipulation was unfair to the champ, and now A.J. has a grudge to settle and a storyline to carry for however long he needs.

    Styles fashioning himself Cena’s heir apparent as Smackdown’s marquee name would only receive added juice if he feels he unjustly lost his belt to WWE’s golden boy.

    1. It Creates a SmackDown Attraction

    Say John Cena wins at No Mercy and takes back the belt he’s owned 15 times before. What then, if he decides to go missing for a month or two for some Hollywood project after all?

    Drawing another parallel to Brock Lesnar’s most recent title reign: part-time champions work. An inadvertent but pleasant byproduct of Lesnar’s contract situation was that, while he was champ, the belt grew in exclusivity. Unlike recent Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns title reigns, where they’d often start and end every weekly show and you’d get sick of seeing the champ, Lesnar’s sporadic appearances heightened his own importance.

    Doing the same with Cena could actually be a temporary goldmine for Smackdown.

    Dean Ambrose has already bristled at how Cena’s nothing more than a part-timer whose lack of commitment irks him. Can you imagine where Ambrose could go with that thread if Cena took the belt on a part-time schedule?

    And you thought Styles liked to whine when things didn’t go his way now? Picture how brilliantly petulant The Phenomenal One would become if he a.) not only didn’t factor in the decision to lose his belt, but b.) sees his most hated foe carting the belt around to award show tapings instead of WWE events. Sign us up.

  2. If Cena is gonna tie Flair's record, it should happen at Mania, imo.
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  3. Cena should always win.
  4. I'm all for Big Banter John tying Flairs' record. But isn't he going off to film American Grit in late October/early November?. Better to hold it off and save the big win for mania season.
  5. The problem is at mania it is probablly going to be Undertaker's last match and the only person that is a good enough contender for that is John Cena, so it technically cannot happen at mania if Cena takes on Undertaker (hopefully)
  6. Cena will probably take the belt from AJ at Wrestlemania. Ambrose eats the pin ar No Mercy. Ambrose and Cena will probably continue a feud after No Mercy. AJ moves on to feud with Orton
  7. Big Match John will win eventually, but it won't happen at No Mercy. Mania would be the right place, I guess.

    If anyone's going to tie and eventually surpass Ric Flair's record, it's gonna be Cena.

    Two or so years ago, I would've groaned at the idea. But, now I am actually fine with it.
  8. Probably after he's done with filming his show. His loss at No Mercy will probably be screwy to justify a 1v1 rematch where he'll pick up the championship sometime in NOV-JAN. I'd be surprised if they even wait until 'Mania.
  9. Ric Flair has said that he has no problem with Cena taking his place, so not sure why I should. But the reason I don't think it's good for John Cena to tie his record, is that Cena will undoubtedly go for a 17th and 18th title win. It weights against Ric Flair, and diminishes his creditability, in a way. But I think another way it could be looked as, is that it will be Flair biggest contribution post-retirement to give Cena the absolute Greatest of All Time title.

    But this is not the time for it. If I were booking, I wouldn't even do it at WrestleMania, or the next Mania after that. Give Cena a light schedule and build him up as the guy that's losing his touch. He lost clean to Styles and Ambrose, and another loss to either of them. It could be the 2012-2013 redemption angle, but with Cena actually looking like he lost his touch. He could be hinted at as retiring, and claim he's on his last hoorah (much like Dreamer). He can go on a blaze of glory, winning the 16th title win and defending it in great matches, left and right. Just my 2 cents.
  10. Maybe this is overthinking, but I wonder about the predictability/inevitability factor really kicking in at Wrestlemania - especially if he wins the Rumble. Rebellion at the Rumble III doesn't sound fun after all this, I'd rather not risk it.
    When it's that obvious the "big moment" they're trying to generate loses a lot of luster, too... however the lack of big moments at WM lately - sans 30 - have really hurt that show that we sit here in September wondering about big moments for, who knows?
    So that you don't bend over SO FAR backwards that this turns into Sasha Banks 2.0, maybe No Mercy is the right place. I'm not sure.
    Also not sure about "attractions" at all at this point, but... on one hand the better story IS to hold it off, have Cena really start to doubt himself when he comes back and has to actually prove himself to get another shot against Styles (and Father Time) whose's since legitimized himself as far and away the top guy on the show over Orton and Ambrose.... But the better reaction for the fan base may be to just rip this off like a band-aid. The more you build up Styles as "odds" the more frustrating it'll be for Cena to overcome them... idk
  11. Yes but not at No Mercy, but honestly I don't mind if he does just do down the road sometime. But knowing WWE they will want to do it on a bigger stage than this PPV anyways.
  12. I couldn't really care on who wins, John Cena getting it this time around is not a problem. How he got this title shot though is BS. Just seeing John tying up and breaking the record will be so fucking huge. Ambrose winning could be a good opportunity to change his character because the first time with the title sucked.
  13. Styles is going to retain at No Mercy. Should Cena win? I wouldnt be against it. I don't know what happens after Styles retains though, maybe Orton.
  14. I'm sorry but the last thing I need is another cena world title match at mania. Let some younger guys have the main event then. Cena doesn't need mania.
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  15. John Cena............Should just go home!
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  16. Do you not like John Cena? You should have said! And then stopped saying after the first time.
  17. What the hell are you talking about bro?
  18. Cena winning would be great to be honest if he kept feuding with Styles
  19. He'll get there eventually, but not at No Mercy. As a matter of fact, I'll dare make the early prediction that John Cena will end up eating the pin at No Mercy....
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  20. It is gonna happen at some point soon, but not at No Mercy. John Cena has had a hell of a career in the WWE and will eventually take the place of another hell of a wrestler in Ric Flair. In the No Mercy match my hopes are that Ambrose takes the belt in an upset,but what will most likely happen Styles will keep thebelt