News John Cena Switching to RAW After SummerSlam

Discussion in 'Wrestling News Feed' started by Wrestling News, Aug 1, 2017.

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  1. John Cena returned to the WWE as a “Free Agent”, meaning the Leader of Cenation had the liberty to appear on SmackDown Live as well as RAW. However, the former 16-Time World Champion upon making his return landed on the land of opportunities and his former home brand, SmackDown Live and has been there ever since.

    This gives rise to a question, When will Cena make his appearance on Monday Night RAW?

    As reported earlier, Cena is scheduled to work the RAW exclusive pay-per-view No Mercy on the 24th of September.

    Additionally, after the 15th of August, Cena is not scheduled to appear at any SmackDown Live Events. Interestingly, he is being advertised on a number of RAW Live Events this month and will be exclusive to those after 15th of August.

    Cena is scheduled to partake in a “dream match” at tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live against Shinsuke Nakamura to determine the number one contender for the WWE Championship.

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  2. Great timing and a great change of pace, I hope Raw got a few stories lined up for Cena though.
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  3. Raw needs Cena more than SmackDown. The irony.
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  4. Yeah well I look at it like this, at first they needed Cena for the numbers and to get Smackdown Live interesting again as they re-create its purpose in WWE. Now that they have some many superstars on Smackdown Live and AJ Styles basically holding it down, Cena doesn't really have any interesting stories except for perhaps this Cena vs Nakamura. If they move Cena over to Raw, he got Angle to cut some great promos with, The Roman Reigns Twitter beef (that just happened), Braun Strowman, SAMOA JOE, Finn Balor (if WWE BOOK HIM CORRECTLY) even Brock Lesnar (if he stays awhile longer after Summerslam), there's quite a few new possibilities.
  5. I know. It makes sense to put him there. It is just ironic how one man can make a big difference. People still like to say Cena doesn't draw or isn't the face of the company. Clearly, that is not the case. Even as a part timer, he is used to build shows up.
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  6. Yep, did you watch yesterday's "Bring It To The Table"??
  7. No I did not, what is that?
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  8. It's a show on the WWE network.
  9. Ahh okay I don't have the Network. I had it on and off a few times. Can't be arsed with it right now. Summerslam hopefully peaks my interest.
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  10. Does this mean Jinder wins?
  11. I really don't think it matters at this point, Jinder hasn't done anything impressive.