John Cena taps out

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Harley Quinn, Aug 26, 2012.

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  1. I heard John Cena says he never tapped out? Lying is a bad example for the kids Cena :sad:

  3. Lying leads to hate :sad: How can you hustle yet show respect? You just gave up Cena.
  4. That was so sexy :sweet:


  5. Cena Tapped.. Cena.. Tapeed! OMG! :shock:
  6. When he say he never tap out ? :O
  7. I want to see him tap again. :gusta:
  8. I only saw two there? :hmm:
  9. I know that Kurt and Beniot made him tap but I did not know Y2J did to!
  10. dont expect to ever see that again
  11. Who was that first guy though? Never heard of him.
  12. I want to see Bryan making Cena tap out. :downer:
  13. I wanna see Heyman make Cena tap :downer:
  14. Must admit I'd mark.
  15. Wonder if we will ever see him tap out again -.- stupid superman
  16. It'd be nice if he tapped out on his last match I think.
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