John Cena Teaming With The Shield! WTF!?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Dude, it's a house show tour. It doesn't mean that Cena will team with Roman and Seth on TV. If anything it hints at which Shield member will turn heel on the other two.
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  2. were!?
  3. It's the matches announced for the upcoming Saudi Arabia tour. The article says it.

    Also note how it advertises Cena to team with Roman and Seth, while Dean defends his belt against Ziggler. Seems to hint at Dean turning on the other guys since the house shows are usually used as a testing ground for TV (gimmicks and such).

    The picture is taken after RAW last week.
  4. LMFAO were!?
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  5. Baby faces team together Toonami, don't sweat it.
  6. OH YEAH CENAS JOINING THE SHIELD lol pfft as if..
  7. You act as if this is actually going to be a thing. You realize they're running a dissension of the Shield right.
  8. The only thing that could make the Kane/NAO vs Shield match at WM30 even slightly entertaining would be a betrayal by one of the members of Shield and Ambrose turning heel definitely makes the most sense. Now I'm slightly excited to see that match lol
  9. WERE!? There has not been dissension for weeks now! This on same page again!
  10. I don't even see what's wrong with this if this was on TV lol.
  11. It also makes sense that if the Cena/Wyatt feud continues after WM that they would provide Cena with a couple bodies to even the odds. Cena/Reigns/Rollins vs The Wyatts sounds like a hell of a match.
  12. are u dumb!? or are just trolling!?
  13. I'm just too intelligent for you to understand... watch your words when you speak about me as I said nothing wrong to you.
  14. truth but the fact u said the 2 remind shield member would team up with the like a john cena would be a retard move!
  15. They are turning face man.... just get over it... faces team up with faces.
  16. They only did that so NAO could work a match with them at WM, as requested by NAO themselves. Otherwise the dissension match would've more than likely happened.
  17. I'm fully aware this is just irrelevant house show stuff, but Cena doing the pose with the Shield just seems so wrong. :dawg:
  18. Man WWE.. they killed the SHIELD by turning face and now CENA.. that's WACK..

    If I upset you, don’t stress cause I am going to finish you. YEP!
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