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John Cena has a new haircut and dad jokes.

Since WWE fans last saw Cena he has been a very busy man, but maybe not too busy for an appearance at Raw Reunion this Monday night? While promoting the upcoming family comedy Playing With Fire, Cena was asked a very topical pro wrestling related question.

Will Super Cena be in Tampa, Florida on Monday night for Raw?

Our interview with @JohnCena is !

We talked to him about his upcoming movie, #PlayingWithFire, but for all you #JohnCena wrestling ‍♂ fans out there — we asked if he’ll show up at #RAWReunion on Monday.

Catch our interview tonight on Deco!

— Deco Drive (@decodrive) July 18, 2019
At least it wasn’t a question about boners again.

Cena and his very new haircut gets pretty close to breaking some news here.

While Cena always has an eye on WWE future stars and is asked about the company in almost every interview he gives, when he wrestles again is anyone’s guess.

If John Cena does in fact show up to Raw Reunion, what type of role will he play in the three hour show?

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