News John Cena to Grant Twelve-Year-Old Boy's Make-A-Wish: Will Not Appear at Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by woz75, Jan 20, 2016.

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  2. I enjoy reading stuff like that, it's hilarious.
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    Same here - at the end of the day it's wrestling - a silly sport when you really think about it - sure, I love the serious side of it too, but I can't help loving wrestling satire - the satire pages get just as much attention from me as the Dave Meltzers and other "serious" wrestling journalists

    I usually get barked at for posting silly stuff like this on FB - that's why I looked around for some forums to see if it's any different.
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  4. They should have a junior Battle Royale and winner receives a wish from John Cena
  5. haha yes!
  6. haha yes!
  7. You're free to post pretty much everything here. Enjoy your stay.
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  8. thanks Prince
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  9. Hey D'Z -

    When I see 'DZ' I don't think of Dolph Ziggler I think of....Deez Nuts ;0

    sorry bad joke, couldn't resist
  10. Cool. Where you from?
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