John Cena, too many shots.

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  1. John Cena has gotten too many shots at the WWE Championship. He keeps losing to Punk. The only reason he won against Punk was because he won by disqualification. He lost hi at SummerSlam. John Cena needs to focus on a different title. He's going to keep losing against Punk. So what's your opinion?
  2. I didn't even know that Cena drank.
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  3. My opinion is that the show is scripted. Kayfabe wise it's annoying that he gets handed this and that and then cuts hypocrisy promos saying Punk sold out, but yeah, I don't care. Cena is a main eventer and rightfully so.
  4. lol
  5. It's just simply because John Cena is the perfect rolemodel. Well, he may not be exactly perfect or appropriate 100% of the time but he's just the face right now and that's what matters. Faces must triumph over heels, so to speak. It also helps that he's the most known wrestler of all time (him and The Rock). He's just the poster boy of the WWE that everyone knows and recognizes, even people who aren't even into WWE. Nothin' we can really do about that. Even the people who boo him and think he sucks still promote him pretty much. Hell, he even has a Cena Sucks tshirt is his own WWE Shop. :dawg:
  6. Cena is just too much. He will be remembered as a great talker, great fighter, and one of the best superstars WWE ever had.
  7. Based off all of what I know about how the feud is building, it makes complete sense that Cena is getting all these shots at the Championship. For example, last month's PPV Night Of Champions didn't have Cena losing to Punk, it had them drawing. They've been avoiding a finish where it makes either one of them look clearly superior at that time. If Punk had actually been beating Cena soundly in a way where Cena couldn't come back with a reasonable argument for his case of one more match; I'd agree that he's been getting too many championship matches but that's not what's happening here.

    And even removing the storyline from this, I still probably wouldn't be complaining about it. Why? Simply because they've continued to put on awesome matches against each other.
  8. Teaming with each other too.

  9. Cena would never hit a fan. That is why he is the face of the "E" and Punk is not. Simply put he is more fan friendly and the perfect wwe ambassador despite his mediocre ultimate warrior like in ring ability
  10. Plus Cena would never tell a fan this:

  11. Well, I also don't like seeing Cena getting lots of shots but he's the face or the company, nothing to do here. Plus, kayfabe wise he hasn't been soundly defeated by Punk recently, so it makes sense.
  12. That just makes my point more concrete. Thank you :-) Punk can't be the face of the wwe doing this kind of stuff.
  13. Cena gets shots because he's the top guy in WWE. I think that's all to it really.
  14. He has anger issues.


  15. Hey, he could have won. But it was a draw. If he pinned regularly, he would have went home as the WWE Champion.
  16. Lol, when did I say he would hit a fan? :haha:
  17. Personally yes John Cena does get WAY to many WWE Championship shots, he has held the WWE Championship the most, which I think he doesn't deserve it, he should be putting new talent over, which should have happened during the time of the Nexus. Sadly though it makes sense in character since Punk has never beaten him recently. Some parts don't make sense don't, the respect part is stupid, since almost a year ago Cena said you have to be the WWE Champion to be the best, now he's saying you have to beat the all mighty Cena who barely attacks during a match then turns Super Saiyan at the end and wins, but that's how it is. He shouldn't become WWE Champion, nor have this many shots, but storyline wise CM Punk hasn't beaten him yet, so it makes sense to get the shots he's been getting.
  18. You didn't silly! I was agreeing with you and helping your point :-)
  19. Oh my bad. :upset:
    I'm sick at the moment and probably shouldn't be on at this point. Lmfao.
  20. Haha it's okay. I hope you feel better :sad:
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