John Cena Turning full blown heel at Wrestlemania? Gemni678 Think So!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Mar 27, 2013.

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  3. Cena's not turning heel, he's playing his role now but he isn't turning heel after Mania, he'll keep on going as tweener or a stupid face
  4. II not belive into I see it! But if he ashley does at WM29! I WILL SHIT MY PANTS!
  5. I won't believe he's going to be heel until I see him as heel, maybe the doctor of thuganomics is returning and I'd like to see it but he isn't changing imo
  6. It would not rapper i just think that would use the piss jeasus John Cena that we seen last night.
  7. I'll eat my sunglasses ( B-) <--- see sunglasses) if Cena turns heel at WM.

    There's simply no chance of it happening.
  8. Gemini is a mark, brother.
  9. I like that cocky Cena, but I think Cena will win the title and after Rocky leaves to make his new film Cena will start as face again
  10. But Rock staying for E.Rules! have AD to wrestle that night.
  11. Credit where credit's due, WWE have done a great job of tricking retards like this guy to buy 'Mania in the hope that Cena is turning heel at 'Mania.
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  12. True. but it not like it have not have before. Stone Cold did it at WM17. That does not mean it going have been but it could. But I know I will not belive intell I see t with MY OWN 2 EYES!
  13. Rock staying for ER, true, but what about a rematch at ER?
  14. That would just be dumb. b/c we know he would lose b/c he going to make his next film. There only 2 thing i can see have at WM29 1 is for Cena 2 turn heel and win title back (Which I don't think WWE will do) or Rock retrin and lose it at E.Rules.
  15. I only see Cena as tweener until Rocky leaves to make his new film, win the title back at WM and Rock loses his rematch at Extreme Rules
  16. Rock will lose at E.Rules b/c Cena not turning heel!
  17. No one here cares about what this Jabroni thinks.
  18. WTF? You'll shit yourself over a heel turn ashley?

    Anyway I doubt he'll turn for all previously mentioned reasons although the story is perfect for it.
  19. Yeah, he'll lose but at WM
  20. It doesnt matter what Gemni678 thinks :rock:
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