John Cena turns bad guy

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  1. I believe John Cena will turn bad guy after he beats The Rock, and loses his championship to Dolph Ziggler. Give me your thoughts.
  2. That is random, so Cena beats The Rock and carries on funky dorry but a loss to DZ makes him snap?
  3. i don't see it happening. the wwe can't really risk having Cena become a bad guy and lose the support of the kids, because than there will be a drop in merchandise sales...
  4. Because John Cena has waited so long to beat The Rock and he finally will accomplish his goal, then Dolph will ruin it by cashing in his briefcase and win.
    That will get to get to John.
  5. He has a case for the WHC brah.
  6. that is still a scenario of a 'face' John Cena. don't forget Dolph Ziggler is still a bad guy...
  7. Dolph can only cash in on the WHC holder, and if Cena wins he will become WWE champ.
  8. That's true. Dolph he has blue briefcase, so him saying he can cash it in to the either of them is just lies.
  9. There is a theoretical loophole if the WWE champion was drafted over to SD though.
  10. Cena can't lose the championship against Ziggler because his MITB briefcase is for the World Heavyweight Championship.
    And Cena is going to stay as he is, isn't going to turn heel after he beats Rocky
  11. The only way a Cena heel turn will work in this kind of scenario (losing a big match) is if Cena loses to Rock again at Wrestlemania. Somehow, he gets a rematch at Extreme Rules - since there's several weeks until ER since they're holding it off to the middle of May - and therefore much time to win a tournament or something to qualify for another title shot. At the PPV, he snaps (since it'll be a No DQ match anyway) and beats The Rock with a steel chair, ala Austin at WM17, and finally wins the belt. Even then, I'm not sure it'll turn Cena heel completely unless he continues to destroy The Rock after the match sine the repeative steel chair shots would all fall under the rules or lack thereof of being no holds barred. Maybe instead of Vince being at Austin's side at WM17, Cena even employs The Shield to help him against The Rock.

    This isn't happening either, for the record, but it would be a logical way to turn Cena heel.
  12. Cena turning at WM by beating Rock down with a chair would be awesome.
  13. The Rock is protected, they won't allow anyone to hit him with a weapon..
    Plus, Cena won't turn heel unless a new "face of the company" is ready, a new babyface that is over and can replace Cena.
  14. He'll get boo'd at Wrestlemania. No chance in hell about turning heel or the rest of your theory.
  15. This, plus Cena saying that he "has" to win (on Old School Raw) is like WrestleMania X-Seven, although the fact that they've missed out on many opportunities to turn him heel before still makes me stand on the side that he'll stay face.
  16. Nah, not happening.

    Money > logic and good television

    But I always pictured Cena turning heel at the same time Punk turning face and continue their feud like that. Punk being the underdog still trying to be the top guy while Cena essentially abuses his place in WWE. That might just be me, though. :dawg: There's still "No Chance in Hell" he's turning heel, at least for awhile.
  17. He turned heel irl when he started banging third rate pr0nstars.
  18. :lol1:

    I can't believe he brought in his IRL divorce on the Rock/Cena feud.

    He's the oddity of the WWE. He's the most over face in WWE, hasn't won a single match a whole year and he gets boo'd more than cheered. It's interesting, everyone has to admit. :dawg:
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