John Cena vs Angle (Rap Battle)

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  1. This was funny as hell, and one of the coolest moments on WWE ever.

  2. This is the best things about Kurt he could do anything. He could be funny or serious with ease.
  3. That's what I've been saying for years!
  4. Yoo yo yo yo yoooo...
    My name is @[seabs]
    I'm droppin funky beats
    women gotta love me as I break their dreams
    seabs thinks he a WWE expert
    Here, I'll count to 1, 2, never
    seabs faces the wrath of my RKO
    lok at him botch as I steal the whole damn show
    watch as seabs is gonna get punked
    hell, watch @[Crayo] send this to the junk

  5. Definitely. Loved the guy.

  6. Notice how @[seabs] totally ignored this @[Crayo] lmao.
  7. Just going to point it's look not lok. You botched a sentence about botching.
  8. Don't you dare steal my gimmick. :coolgun:
  9. Shuddup, i spll hwvr I fel leik OK?

    Lol just kidding seabs.
  10. HQ posts in wrestling section!! :emoji_heart:

    HBK is a good answer. Shawn I feel could of lasted couple more years to put some younger kids over.
  11. What's Shawn got to do with Kurt Angle and John Cena in a rap battle?

    @[RKO] :love:
  12. Lololol he posted in the wrong section @[seabs].

    @[Crayo] fails.
  13. Wow posted in wrong section again...

    Well sort of. Be HQ, but ignore the Shawn part.
  14. seabs, what does Urban Dictionary define "HQ" as?
  15. [video=youtube][/video]
    This is the best thing Cena ever did from that era.
  16. Actually Cena was gold himself in that Era.
  17. EPIC! :rofl: