John Cena vs CM Punk in 3 weeks in a PPV.

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  1. Cena and Punk will clash in Night of Champions in less than three weeks.As everybody knows that a feud is going on between Big Show and Cena. Will Big Show interrupt in Cena's match leading to a DQ helping Punk retain his title?
  2. Hopefully the big show is out of the title picture and Punk retains the title cleanly by submission!

    It's rumoured that he may debut a new wwe belt soon, so maybe it will be at night of champions.
  3. It's plausible, but Big Show didn't even appear on this weeks RAW. Instead, he appeared in a dark match. I really think the Big Show vs Cena feud could be over now, I see no reason why they'd carry it on. But knowing how much WWE like to protect their baby Cena, it's likely that Show could interfere or do something to let Punk win.
  4. I don't want Big Show anywhere near the main event scene. Let punk win cleanly.
  5. Conventional wisdom says that Cena wins in his hometown.

    I don't know if conventional wisdom is right on this one. I can easily see Punk winning and revealing the new belt on the subsequent Monday Night Raw.

  6. Punk is a "Punk" he can't win over Cena. There's no more respect for him in the WWE Universe. He is a coward which was proved before when on the last RAW he was fighting Jerry Lawler even after the match was over leading Cena to come out and help Lawler. When Cena demanded the cage to be lifted CM Punk ducked out of the cage. He did not even look at his eyes.
  7. Yeah, he definitely won't win cleanly over Cena because of that. I personally loved it how he walked out all cocky without turning around looking at Cena.
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  9. I could see Cena winning but I think Punk retains dirty, since it's Cena and he can't lose clean unless it's to a part timer who won't benefit from it at all.
  10. It should be a no DQ match or no championship advantage for Punk because he is such a coward that he will lose himself by countout.
  11. Nah. To early in a feud to book such a match. Plus Punk should hold the title until the Royal Rumble to make it more interesting.

    Cena is too boring.
  12. this feud between John Cena and Cm Punk is getting really BORING !!!
  13. I dont think it's boring at all!! cm punk will win at night of champions and reveal a new title design!!! :yay:
  14. Bull shit Cena taking that belt in his home town.
  15. I hope CM Punk beats Cena's ass and retains the title
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