John Cena vs CM Punk Wrestlemania 31 "Fantasy" Promo HD

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  1. By YouTube User: CM EditWrestling​
  2. What's the point in posting this? There isn't much of a logical step towards this happening and even speculating about it just seems pointless.
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  3. That was pretty damn awesome though.

    Good composition.
  4. @Tyler Durden Uh? HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WILL NOT HAVE BEEN!? IT JUST MAY! CM PUNK WANTED THE MAIN EVENT! WWE lack of stars! That get Punk back in the file b/c that give what he wanted AND WHAT HE SHOULD GOT AT WM30! Before Boostia resign and stole HIS main event WM spot! So CM Punk will come back on one thing he get to main event WM and wins it! Vince give called and said ok ur winning the Rumble this time for sore no part time coming back this time steal ur spot! And Punk start smell at the phone and said YES :pipebomb: ! And come back! win the Rumble Match and GO ON TO WM31 AND WINS THE WWE WORLD CHAMPION! OH HELL YES!
  5. Never gonna happen.
  6. lol Your Punk love/obsession knows no boundaries.

    While the future is (almost) always uncertain, I think Punk's chances of main eventing Wrestlemania (against Cena at WM27, against Cena/Rock in a triple threat at WM29, against either Orton or Triple H this year at WM30) have already passed him by. They're already building up next year to be Roman Reigns' breakout year, so there's no incentive on WWE's part to call Punk back to get him to headline Mania. Hell, Cena/Bryan II has more chance of headlining Wrestlemania 31 than Cena/Punk does.
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  7. Dude Roman Reigns WILL NOT BE IN MAIN EVENT NEXT YEAR! It will be either Bryan or CM Punk!
  8. I can't see Punk coming back now. And besides, Lockard is spot on- the newer talents are becoming the focus now.
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