John Cena vs Kane - EC Match Announced.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. For those who didn't watch Raw or missed this part you could actually hear Johnny say that Kane and Cena will go one on one in a ambulance match.

    My thoughts on this is WOW, they brought one of the good attitude era match back! How many years has it been since this match was final?
  2. Great I don't have to read the thread, the spoiler is all over the the title.
  3. No the only thing the title says is that there's a match for these two but which one? That is the spoiler.

    However i didn't want to put in the spoiler tag as this doesn't seem as a spoiler to me but just did it in case..
  4. Think it was blatantly obvious they were going to face off at EC.

    Funny thing is Cena wasn't seen at all and Kane was seen at the end groping Eve, nice build up WWE, I'm sure plenty of other people preferred watching Sheamus bury Otunga and seeing Khali try to wrestle.
  5. It isn't obvious for someone that isn't a smark.I was hoping Kane will be in 6-man ec.
  6. I want Kane to be in the EC match he's always dominant and everytime he gets eliminated he chokeslams everyone and leaves the ring.
  7. Yeah but you must have highly doubted that could happen with the way the match ended at Rumble.
  8. Holy crap cena is in everything Let someone else shine cena stay focoused on the rock
  9. When he's in everything it's much more entertaining than HHH being in everything.
  10. Agreed but id rather him focous on the rock because i want him to win that the promos arent doing enough to tell me the win
  11. Without Rock appearing there's not much Cena can do. I say let him have some air time venting his anger at Kane, finish it off at Elimination Chamber and then start the Rock feud. Not having him on TV and replacing with a Sheamus match, Bryan vs Big Show #1512141 (as @[Dolph'sZiggler] said :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) and a random SD tag-team match is ridiculous in my opinion.

    But yeah I see your point, but even a corny jokey Cena today would of entertained me more than HHH.
  12. I see agreed crayo
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