Summerslam John Cena vs The Undertaker II

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. Take it for what it is. Just a rumor but it is based off this:

    It is said to be happning at SummerSlam. Would you want to see this match?
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  2. Ain't nobody got time for that. Get a Beer label it John Beercana and Get a soda
    and Label it Undersprite and put them in the refrigerator...cause NOBODY CARES!
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  3. I think it could be okay from a story perspective alone. The wrestling will prob suck again, but the story last time I liked.
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  4. So...this means the other matches will have their time
    cut short to allow for a painfully tedious & drawn out
    entrance by the Undertaker...just like Wrestlemania.

    What's the bet the women's matches get cut short...
    although if that means Ronda is squashing Alexa
    in 90 seconds then that could work.

    Seriously...I respect the Undertaker...but can he put
    someone over who actually needs it (Strowman?) &
    then retire?
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  5. Pass.
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  6. SKIP!!!
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  7. Off-topic.

    Is it just me or does Summerslam look like a surprisingly awesome show on paper that NOBODY is talking about?
    Styles vs Joe, Rousey vs Alexa, Bludgies vs Bar, Ziggler vs Rollins rematch, even Cedric vs Gulak, probably Bryan vs Miz...

    Maybe it's just me paying attention to the G1 but this card looks low-key loaded and nobody's noticing because WWE has pissed everyone off
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    Not to mention Carmella vs. Becky vs. Charlotte...

    The card is looking mighty impressive...

    Honestly...the one match that makes or breaks
    the show is Alexa vs. Ronda...

    If the WWE had any sense at all Ronda would
    squash Alexa Goldberg/Lesnar Survivor Series
    style...BUT...for some reason Alexa Bliss gets
    to look strong even when she's
    I have a feeling we will all be cringing as Ronda
    "sells" for Alexa...

    God that is going to SUCK!!!
  9. If this was any other show I'd say there's no chance in hell that happens. You set up the coward bitch loser heel champ with this mega badass babyface opponent and you have a quick climax where we just smile evilly at the violence that unfolds once she gets her hands on Alexa, that's why this booking happens, but.

    The fact that we can't have faith that they won't even screw THIS up is astounding
  10. No. The card will be stacked as it is. Cena/Taker at WM took time from others but we allowed it because having Cena vs Taker at WM is a pretty big deal. But nobody wants this. We haven't seen Cena since Mania, nor Taker for that matter. There time is up, younger superstars' time is now.
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  11. no ty.
    Cena isn't relevant anymore, no reason to see two part timers put on a half assed effort.
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  12. They need to focus on building new
  13. That first match is still my candidate for the worst match of the year. That's probably because I haven't watched a lot of wrestling this year but that match still pisses me off to this day because of how Taker didn't do anything during the rivalry then just showed up and had a squash match and left.

    What a joke the Undertaker match has become to where that is the match that was just thrown on without much care. I remember when Taker competing at Mania meant that you were going to get a good freaking match. And then lesnar happened. (Which was majorly wasted) and now he hardly even cares about pulling a good match.

    It doesn't help that he then goes on to do a 20 minute match with freaking Rusev. Why did you not do that at Mania ffs?!

    So nah, I'm not interested with a sequel at Summerslam.
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  14. I liked the Cena taker build to mania and liked their match at Mania. I liked the story they told for both men.

    This match is going to have a better story then most of the other fueds going on right now. I don't care if it takes time from someone else. I don't want to see Balor Vs Corbin or Aiden vs Rusev anyway.
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  15. Remember a lot of WWE's PPVs look good on paper, but in reality tend to be duds or be mediocre.

    As for Cena vs Undertaker II, the real question is why though.
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  16. Bingo!!!

    Maybe it will be like Extreme Rules where three matches will
    get 15+ minutes while every other match is around 6 to 7 minutes
    long meaning no one else has a chance to tell a story in the ring...

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  17. Money.

    I don't know the storyline reason. Cena got sqaushed by the Undertaker. So he probably wants to try again.
  18. I don't see this match up happening at SummerSlam but I could see it being one of the marquee matchups for WM35

    Cena is tied with Flair at 16 World Championship reigns. He's probably going to break it, and I think WWE wants him to beat somebody "established" in WWE.

    Therefore, Taker beats Styles (or whoever is WWE Champ) at Royal Rumble. Cena wins the Rumble (ugh...I know). Cena vs Taker at WM for the title. Cena wins, Taker retires officially
  19. That would be huge. But I think it would upset alot of fans who think the likes of AJ, Joe, Bryan, Nakamura.. should be in the main event spot.

    I don't know about you but I think Cena's 17th world title is really his only motivation. If he acheives that goal next year, then you got to make a new motivation for him.
  20. Idk, could it be the same thing as Brock losing to Goldberg a few years back? Wasn't that match done in under 5 minutes?