John Cena Wants Another Shot At The Rock

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 29, 2012.

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  2. This is pretty much common knowledge and shows what a slow news day it is.

    Cena has said multiple times in public he wants Rock/Cena Part 2.
  3. Link to all of them please.

    Pretty sure this is the first real announcement he's made about it, at least the first one insinuating that a WM rematch is on the card.
  4. Seriously...

    Here's one: posted by our own Hoss...

    This doesn't insinurate that a rematch is on the cards at all. It's him stating he wants another match because he 'knows he can beat him' which he's said before, as I've linked above.
  5. :finger: You "Once in a Lifetime!"
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  6. I know he's said it outside of WWE you pleb, I asked for proof that he's said it while on RAW etc, to actually make it official.
  7. He's said in RAW as well! I don't remember what episodes but he has!

    Just because you're wrong. Crayo is always right.
  8. Give me proof then?
  9. :blown: NOT AGAIN! :upset:
  10. Yeah, sucks right? :sad:
  11. If it's going to happen again let it happen at the Royal Rumble, I've already seen it at mania. I don't pay 300+ to see rematches (accept Taker matches)
  12. :obama: Not that much :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  13. Possibly the worst business decision ever.

    Rumble draws on its own, you don't have a dream match at the Royal Rumble. If part 2 is going to happen, it needs to be Wrestlemania, it's just annoying that part 2 needs to happen.
  14. I dont think so. I think a bigger main event can be made and that's Punk vs Rock at mania. Imagine the type of promos Punk and Rock will be able to shoot on each other, certainly a lot better than Cena/Rock.

    Punk is a draw, not as big as Cena, but the hype going into it would make up for that.

    Perhaps even a triple threat :hmm:
  15. It would be better, not bigger. Casuals care much more about Cena/Rock than Punk/Rock.
  16. :dafuq: Wrestlemania 2000
  17. No idea what your point is.
  18. Fatal Four Way Main Event for the WWE title, probably the biggest Wrestlemania main of event of the attitude era. It was Mankind vs Rock vs Austin vs Triple H, all high calibur guys and one of the most anticipated main events in at that time
  19. Cool story. Has nothing to do with what we're talking about.
  20. :facepalm: in relation to main events your saying that punk/rock or cena/rock would be better. i'm saying it would be better if all three were to compete because multi man matches can be successful in the main event. Cena's never beaten Punk one on one nor The Rock & Punk has been very vocal about how he feels about the Rock. If this were the main event it'd sell itself because you're covering three different fan bases all in one.

    sorry you fail to see the correlation
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