John Cena wants to change?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Samalan, Aug 24, 2012.

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  1. I have no sources to back this up so THIS COULD BE JUST A RUMOUR however, I read on another wrestling forum (was searching different forums and came across this) and found that someone posted this article - from another source which wasn't stated - and it seem John Cena want's to change his character. I will post the article which was posted on the other forum below for you.

  2. Wtf are you doing on another Wrestling Forum?
  3. what a load of big show

    would be funny if it were true lol.. cena just randomly walking off in the middle of a promo..
  4. I am NOT part of it, I found it on SMF community showcase because I was looking at existing forums to see whether the SMF designs were good and came across this. I am not part of it, I just instantly saw that article and thought it was worth sharing.
  5. Whilst a change does sound very good, this story is fake. It's very very hard to believe. CM Punk has broke Kayfabe before, and there were sources everywhere by the next day.
  6. true, I didn't exactly believe it at first but thought it would be worth sharing.
  7. I don't buy this. But since we're on a forum, I'm going to portray my opinion in a scenario where that's true. I agree with Cena. He's been the company's cash cow for quite some time now, and this shows he cares about the business and the fans. If he was a selfish unconsiderate folk he'd be all right doing whatever he's told to earn millions of dollars while pleasing kids, but this shows he cares. It's already known that he dislikes his current character and would like to turn heel or have a different persona but Vince won't let that happen because he needs a face for the company, and who's a better face for a PG show than the hero John Cena? No one. Does Vince have any other full time star as big as Cena? No. Is the company on John Cena's back at this point and time? Yes. With Punk and probably Sheamus we see WWE attempting to get some new big faces to ease Cena's workload but they're not at his level just yet. I'm quite sure Cena would love going heel, becoming an IWC darling and trashing those crowds, getting those boos. But WWE can't do that because they need a face, they need a top face. When another one is created we may see a different John Cena.
  8. If only HHH would could bury Cena, too bad he's got to pretend to have a broken arm :notsure:
  9. I really wouldn't ever see this being true, but the fact Cena did walk off and Punk DID look puzzled makes me believe it somewhat. Though, Cena has said many times out of kayfabe that he is happy doing what he is doing, though there's been reports in the past he wants to change, so who knows. If it's true, he'll get what he wants. Vince won't ever let Cena go, and if you piss Cena off he can simply not resign his contract and give Vince the heart attack we're all waiting for (cold joke). Cena is pretty much above them both in this situation, he has the leverage. Good if it is true, I'd love to see a new Cena, he's one of the most talented full package wrestlers in the world.
  10. Pretending this is true, yeah, It'll be wonderful. Remember Crayo he's bounded with a contract. He can't run around and do what he wants.
  11. I swear Hannah, Pepper Potts is the worst name I have ever seen on a forum, and my is pretty stupid right now. :adr:
  12. This isn't true in a million years.
    Wrestling Observer/PWI would have picked up on it long before now.
  13. But I like it so :gtfo:
  14. If it is true, it won't matter because at this point they have to keep overpushing the guy to get the ratings they want anyway. Cena's immune to de-pushes due to backstage heat and there's no way they're changing his character at this point until the kids get tired of it.
  15. You have to be trolling now... Jesus Christ I nearly spat out my food reading this.
  16. lol, just lol.
  17. Can be a rumour but I got to defend John. That leave after his speech felt justified and I thought it was the right move but it felt awkward because no one else knew about it. And I don't really know how this can be true if John doesn't really care about his gimmick since he says he lives it.
  18. Every old-school wrestler who's broken kayfabe and talked about gimmick development has said that the best gimmicks are just amplified variations on the personality of the performer, so it's easy for me to believe that Cena lives his gimmick. What it doesn't mean, however, is that the character John Cena encapsulates the entire personality of the man John Cena. I'm sure that Cena is a guy who works hard, gives his all, hustle, loyalty, respect, and is nice to kids. But, being a human being, I can also tell you that there are darker aspects to his personality (as there are to us all). What if he just wants to feature some of those darker aspects? What if he wants to show you a John Cena who has ambition, doesn't always want to be bothered to act friendly to everyone, and is willing to do anything to win? Now, we've got a guy who might still be the man John Cena, but is definitely more of a heel character.

    Now, I don't know if any of this is true. The departure did seem to confuse Punk a little (which he covered very well), but I don't know if that was part of the show or real confusion. Punk does seem to have some acting ability and it did seem out of character for Cena to leave the ring at that point, without being acknowledged finally as Punk's NOC opponent. Punk and Lawler carried off the rest of the segment well, but they're professionals doing their jobs and that may have been the plan all along.

    I don't think there's much doubt that it will be Cena vs. Punk at NOC for the WWE Championship. I highly doubt that's going to change, even if there is some backstage heat on Cena. But, if he is dissatisfied, HHH and Vince are going to have to listen to him. He makes them way too much money for them to ignore him.

    Will they turn him heel? No. Might they tweak his character to play up those darker aspects to his personality? I think that's far more likely. The funny thing will be the IWC's reaction if they do that. Might we be embarking on an era where the lines between heel and face are blurry and it's hard to see which is which, making for a more realistic product? That would be nice.

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  19. I this name news from this website
  20. Big Show can! :tough:
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