John Cena Will Be The Pusher

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 18, 2015.

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  1. Roman Reigns recently claimed the WWE crown, but he did so when the long-reigning John Cena was not in the kingdom. To complete that coronation, to further fortify the bridge to the next era, Cena must play a vital part in Reigns' story.

    WWE masterfully told the tale of Reigns overcoming The Authority and The League of Nations on the post-TLC Raw. After nearly a year's worth of his fingers grazing the world title and getting cheated out of the glory he had earned, he Superman punched his way to a championship celebration.

    And he did so in Philadelphia, where back in January, fans had filled the arena with boos, soundly rejecting his rise.

    As WWE plans its next steps for Reigns, they have to involve Cena. Bringing in the 15-time world champ, the megastar who has long monopolized the marquee, will strengthen Reigns' position. Facing and fending off Cena would legitimize his reign. There is an obvious passing-of-the-torch moment to be had here.

    When the WWE machine got behind Brock Lesnar back in 2002, it made sure to give him massive names to put on his list of fallen foes. The Beast Incarnate knocked off The Undertaker after his title win over The Rock. And he didn't just slip by The Deadman, either; he pounded him into the mat inside the Hell in a Cell.

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  2. :supercena: will definitely pass the torch to :reigns:, but not necessarily at WM 32. I see it happening at WM 33, tbh.
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  3. Reigns vs Cena was no doubt their original planned title match for next year before the Rumble fiasco happened this year. Dethrone The Beast at 31, take the torch from Cena at 32. A feud with Hunter would have probably happened somewhere in-between.

    With the way that things have transpired though, I don't see it happening. Reigns vs HHH it is for 32. The earliest that Reigns vs Cena will probably happen is at 33, and I don't see it happening then either, since I don't expect Reigns to stay over enough till then to officially have Cena pass the torch to him.
  4. Cena vs reigns is obvious and will be a good feud. But cena should go heel in order to truly push reigns to the top. Heel cena vs face reigns would be utter gold.
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  5. I really want to see a heel Cena before he retires. It would put Roman over with the ladies and the kids, but then most of the men would like Cena which isn't a bad thing.
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