John Cena WWE Heavyweight Championship

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ganesh Ujwal, Jul 12, 2014.

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  1. how many times John Cena won WWE Heavyweight Championship: 12 times or 17 times?
    got confused.
  2. I think this is his 15th world title reign. He still has a few left in the tank as well.
  3. With this latest Cena has 15.
  4. The myth that Ric Flair has 16 title reigns still up there and every Cena hater having a period about him breaking Flair's record. Cena has at least another 3-4 title reigns in him.

    Ric Flair won 26 (known World Titles) 10 time NWA/WCW champion, 3 time NWA champion in I think All Star Pro Wrestling, CSW and AJPW. WCW stand alone world titles were 8 reigns and two reigns were WWF. Also he had two WCW International title wins.
  5. See in "Reigns" section of WWE World Heavyweight Championship wikipedia article,
    it shows "John Cena is the current champion, who is in his record twelfth reign".
  6. He's also a 3 time World Heavyweight champion.
  7. Straight off the WWE website...

  8. 15th reign in honor of WWE 2k15.. fuck Cena.. any graphic designers out there wanna edit me a Damien Sandow Xbox One Cover? I'll give you $2000 forum cash.
  9. I'm shitty with graphics.. it looks like a fucking Christmas card...

    Enjoy! lol
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  10. The fact that it really looks like a Christmas card is hilarious.
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  11. Fuck Cena and Fuck Hulk for my Cover, I had a guy do my WWE2k14 cover but he fuckin isn't answering Lol :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: its a funny pic @Just Kevin
  12. 3rd or 4th time I've ever done anything like that lol
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  13. If I can't get anything better I will use it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
    I'll probably get the Hulk addition just for the extras alone but if I can't replace the cover on that due to it being a steelbook or something I'll get the Cena version and just rip it up and put the Sandow one in :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  14. John Cena has never been WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
    WWE, Wikipedia and each and every one of us have been working you.
  15. I'm sure you'll be able to get something better lol

    Looking at that shit is hurting my eyes now.
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    Merry Christmas!
    From Damien Sandow

    @Just Kevin I swear everytime I see your sig I think of this
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  17. @Sharpy Sandow

    Don't look at it with detail, you'll see some major pixel flaws

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