John Cena: "WWE is disrespecting me"

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. So much for anti-bullying, eh? :cool:
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  2. For some reason I think this is a plant. I'm optimistically calling it that Cena is turning heel at Wrestlemania this year. Normally he doesn't even reply to questions like that, and since WWE are taking storylines outside of WWE (Twitter for eaxmple) I'm sure this is a work. If not, and he generally feels like that, then I feel sorry for the guy; he does work his ass off to be honest.
  3. They are going all out on the boos getting to Cena now. He's no longer seen as getting a mixed reaction but a building negative reaction. A heel turn at wrestlemania is basically guaranteed imo now.
  4. Guaranteed is a strong word considering it is Cena. The guy who makes more money than anyone with merch sales, the guy kids look up to etc. But I can't see it going any other way. If he's not turning heel at Mania, then WWE are burying their own face of the WWE. So yeah, heel turn at mania, can't wait if it happens.
  5. To be honest, I would be happy if he went back to the thuganomics gimmick ATM, a heel turn is a million miles away IMHO, the biggest merchandise shifter in the company, especially with little kids etc. I just can't see him going heel.

    I mean, if he does go heel I won't be that fussed because I think some people go on a bit too much about; 'Oh, he's shit' - 'Oh, he only has the five moves etc.' IDK, some people just go too far.

    But I think that this is a work by WWE, however a swerve toward the IWC. They want to make us believe he's going heel and then not do it just to create more heat.
  6. I did thoroughly enjoy that thuganomics gimmick but I doubt it'll be used again, they can do more than return to his old gimmick I think. As for not turning, I see your point but I think they're pushing Punk to the moon. Punk & Orton are SO OVER at the moment, and I'm certain they can create another superstar.

    Definitely agree with you there aswell, people go overboard with the Cena hate. Some people go far enough to wish him physical harm, which is just silly. I don't see why WWE would want to troll the IWC though, they've done it before, but with something like Cena is it worth getting a crowd to hate him when he's the biggest star in the company?

    The promo with Piper done it for me. Played on the booing reactions, I just wish that promo was held in New York or Chicago, better crowds there. But what better time for a heel turn is there? Punk & Orton are getting incredible pops (especially Punk), Wrestlemania is held in Rocks hometown, the biggest possible start they could use to turn Cena heel. It won't work without a superface like Rock. With these shirts coming out, it'll lead to commentators mentioning them to build the heel turn up (my opinion), just like they mention how half hate him and half like him.

    And now this, him mentioning WWE disrespecting him. Showing jealousy of the Rock. That has to be another seed planting :emoji_slight_smile:.
  7. I don't know about Orton currently, he's been jobbing like there's no tomorrow as of late, however I see him decimating Barrett if they continue this feud, I mean arguably he's your second/third top guy depending on your opinion, I don't see him being on the losing end of a feud to a mid-card guy. But stranger things have happened.

    This is Vincent Kennedy McMahon you're talking about. He changes his mind more times than I've watched minutes of wrestling, he's also a complete twat and he likes to screw with people, I could EASILY see him trolling the IWC.

    If Piper's Pit was held in Chicago at like the beginning of MiTB that would have been hilarious. Damn you WWE, why didn't you do that.
    I agree though, Cena is going to be treated as a heel anyway at WM 28 so why not just turn him heel anyway. Two faces in your main event of WM, the biggest money making match in recent years simply CANNOT feature two faces. Look at WM 27 this year, HHH was arguably the heel and Taker the face, and that's the way it should be. Simples.
  8. Yeah, but with Orton he's putting them over willingly I think. Jericho said he used to prefer losing to younger talents than winning. They're doing it right, I mean Mark Henry going over Orton made Henry the main event heel he was. Which was a draw. Orton putting over Barret on the normal shows helped Barret go from mid card to low-main event, which Barret needs as he's a superstar with a bright future and WWE know this. But that's a discussion for a different thread :emoji_slight_smile:.

    You're right about Vince he is a douche, but you summed it up at the end. The only way Rock vs Cena would work as face v face is if both of them were super over with the crowd (no booing), like Hogan vs Rock years ago. But it's not, if one is going to be treated as heel, use it to your advantage. Cena cheats against Rock or something, beats him, gets huge amount of boo's. Grabs mic after and starts shouting at the fans. Epic Wrestlemania right there.
  9. Hmm, you think? I honestly don't think Orton is too pleased with jobbing to mid-card guys, and there was reports that Orton was legit. pissed off that he had to team with Ryder on RAW :/

    Henry as the monster heel was generated because of the play off of Orton but they could have done so much more. It was rumoured that Henry was supposed to keep the title until Mania, and defend against Orton, but that plan I presume is scrapped now.

    Exactly. That would be epic, but Cena's gimmick is just toooooooo old now.
  10. Oh really? I haven't seen that report, my bad. I don't know why he'd be upset with teaming with Ryder though, the guy is the US Champion now and is arguably just as over as Orton is. Did you hear them last night? Ryder is on punk-level pops atm. Weird. Though I still agree with it, to build new stars the top stars have to sometimes lose to them. Else what are WWE going to do after HHH, Cena, Orton, Jericho, Taker etc are all gone? If that report is true, I'm pretty disappointed in Orton.

    And yeah, they could have done more. But dunno if you saw my thread in the SmackDown section, he was rumoured to have gotten injured against Cena. But that still doesn't explain why they had him jobbing to Big Bore aka Big Show every week for the past month. I guess they knew Henry was losing at TLC, so built Big Show up as a true strong face to DB can cash in and turn heel after. Or Big Show will turn heel and elevate DB to the top of the pile, but don't know why they couldn't use Henry to do that instead of Big show... :S

    And yeah, even WWE know how stale John Cena's character is now. Even if Cena doesn't turn heel but debuts a new face character, I'll be happy.
  11. WWE is in deep deep shit once Cena, Orton and Taker are gone.
    Their developmental is mainly filled with green guys who are years away from SmackDown, let alone RAW.
    They seriously need to get it sorted out.

    Yeah, pulled a groin against Cena so Vince made him drop the belt.
    I was looking at the live report last night whilst I was in Accident and Emergency with my nanna (rofl) and I saw DB cashed in and my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe it, personally I don't see Big Show or DB turning heel. I was watching the celebration of DB and it went to Big Show a couple of times and he was like smiling and happy for the guy because it was his first time, if they were going to turn him heel they should have had him attack Bryan to INSTANTLY create heat if he's going to be their current monster heel. Reports are that Henry's injury is more serious than first though. Probably why the match was a complete load of shit. I mean, there wasn't any real wrestling bar the DDT leading to DB cashing in.

    But what could they give him? I mean, ugh IDK. WWE baffles me.
  12. Oh yeah, they are lacking star quality. Barret, Miz, Del Rio, Punk, DB, Ziggler & Rhodes are probably ready to take over though. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are terrific workers though from FCW and great on the mic, not sure if you're familiar with them. Both are rumoured to debut soon.

    If I were Vince, I'd book HHH vs Barret or Miz for WM. I'd have them have a long long feud till then, and have Miz or Barret go over HHH. Instantly you have a brand new credible heel. Miz already gets great reactions, but to boost him to Cena level as a heel they need to do this. HHH doesn't like losing though... politics etc :emoji_slight_frown:.
  13. I really hope John Cena gets sick of all of this and goes back to the way he was when he firsts started. He was always better as the cocky, Rapper.
  14. That was the gimmick that got him so over. I've been saying this for ages actually, he doesn't NEED a heel turn to be fresh, he just needs a major character development change. Let's face it, Cena is terrific on the mic, he's a relatively good worker now despite people calling him a terrible wrestler (he's had many outstanding matches). So he can still remain a face, but I'd definitely prefer a heel turn.
  15. Yeah he would suit a 'good boy gone bad' role. I also think he needs a few new moves, he does the same moves every match.
  16. Yeah definitely a more badass moveset if his character is going to change. Good way to progress that badass face storyline would be to go up against authority. Cena and Johnny Ace feud or even Vince.
  17. Cena vs. The Boss? Now that would be good watching, especially if Cena won in the end! I remember when Shawn Michaels went up against Vince - now that was classic!

    Heel turn is maybe needed, but not necessary IMHO.
  18. Not absolutely necessary no, because they can just tweak his current character to become less stale. Would you prefer John Cena to stay as he is now? And yeah Michales vs Vince was great, and even better was the numerous Stone Cold vs Vince feuds. Orton vs McMahon family was a classic though, and quite recent. Punting him in the head, that was amazing.
  19. Tweaking his character is better than a heel turn IMHO. Maybe make him more of a rapper who doesn't give SHIT to what anyone else tells him.
  20. The problem with Cena is his gimmick screams 1993. Thats the last time the colorful hero worked imo. He needs to be the next evolution of a top babyface not a repeat of previous success.