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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Kooldip, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. So, I figured if I'm going to at least attempt to call this forum home, I'm gonna come out of the gate with a bang!! The following rant you are about to read was written in January of this year (2013) and I'm am posting it because I feel it still holds up today even with the now outdated examples I used in there. I'm also posting it because my feelings toward John are pretty much the same and yes, I know it's all a work, but if I can't sit back and get angry at a TV character for making my Monday's a cringe filled evening, well then I don't want to live on this mostly blue planet any longer.

    "Hey guys, I am very happy to see a wrestling discussion thread. It's been almost two years since I was able to talk about wrestling with other and get their opinions on my opinions.

    I will be posting Top 10's, rants and reviews for the most part.

    This debut post will be a rant, on everyones favorite face of the WWE, John Cena. (I apologize if I write too much)

    Alright, starting with my personal opinion on the person and character. The person, John Cena, that we see meeting sick children and meeting fans all over the world in his signature coloured (we spell it like that in Canada) t-shirts and his "jorts" is someone that I think highly of. Lets face it, it doesn't really matter what he's like at the bar or with his buddies, he does good things for these people that need him. I respect him for that and it's an outstanding thing for the WWE. Now, the person we see on TV, bit of a different story.

    For the past 7 years now, this guy has been a constant nuisance and annoyance that has plauged the main event scene. The jokes, the limited skill, the corny promos, the hypcritical attitude (more on that) and the constant burials are unbearable.

    I'll start with his in ring ability (or lack thereof). 95% of what we see from him is the usual five minute main event routine that see him using the dreaded "5 moves of doom" to win the match. Now to be fair, anyone that's gotten over before in wrestling in general has had a set of moves that they use to end a match, it's just how things have been since the beginning of wrestling times. You can go down the list, Bret Hart, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Hulk Hogan etc etc have all used a set of moves that would lead to a finish or set up a potential finish to any match. The reason John's set of signature moves is so hated and noteworthy is because, for the past 7-8 years, he's used it to beat everyone and to most fans, it looks awful and totally unbelievable. Beyond the "5 moves of doom", although he has gotten progressively better at it, he is terrible at leading a match. The best recent example would be his main event match with The Rock at Wrestlemania 28, it was very underwhelming. The Rock, as we all know, hasn't been an active performer since 2003, he needed the direction of someone that has been wrestling non-stop for 10.5 years. I'm not saying the match was terrible, but it could have been a lot better, look at what Rock and Austin created in their last match, that was golden. Cena's legitimate lack of skill was the downfall of what could have been so much more. Like I just said, Cena has been wrestling non-stop for 10.5 years in a company that only hires wrestlers they think are the best, when someone reaches that plateau, they are usually very good at what they do. To add on to that, his carelessness when it comes to selling is unbelieveable. I say carelessness because it seems like he's not even doing it on purpose, which makes me think, if he is doing it on purpose, will anyone be able to get over with this guy? He'll take move, after move, then finishing move after finishing move and by the time they have to go home, he's up, mobile and can lift a 500lbs man on his shoulders, totally adds credibility to a sport that has desperately been seeking it for years. Finally, the reason people chant "you can't wrestle" at this guy, is because they're right. Anytime this guy tries a move or doing something outside of his little move pool, it looks like garbage. Dropkicks, Hurricanranas, Monkey Flips, Fisherman Suplexs, Suicide Dives and etc, they look absoulutely terrible. That is a true testament to what kind of wrestling ability he really has.

    On to the promos, this is the biggest reason I do not like John Cena. I will use a more recent promo to provide an example. The go home show for the Royal Rumble, John gets to go out for the last quarter and deliver the promo that will cause the viewers to order the Rumble. This promo, was f**king bad. I think what he was trying to do was relate to every portion of the audience to they would be hooked on what he was going to say, this failed. He talked to some kid about gaming, some mom about yoga and some fat dude about the internet... huh? First things first, he already has the vote of the children and females, they love him! So his only option is to talk to us, well let me stop you right there sir. You claim that you don't want or need us to like you in any shape or form, that means we don't care about your promos. So essentially, he wasted about 10 minutes of airtime which most likely casued an epidemic of channel changers. Now, on to the rest of the promo. Like I said, John was given the opportunity to go out on live tv and sell a ppv, did he do this? Well lets see. When a person is put in to this situation, they are usually following a string of promos that have generally gotten the same message across, which is "I'm gonna win this sunday and eliminate a lot of people". Ok, so that message is already put in to our heads, a plethora of main even stars have told me they are going to win on the PPV, a portion of the audience will now buy the PPV. Cena's job is to go out and get everyone else, the people who are either undecided or don't want to spent $45 Canadian on standard definition PPV. This mission, like many other, was failed! He said what everyone else did but with different vocabulary and increased volume in his voice. I just wrote all of this, about one promo, he has had hundreds of terrible promos, that have caused a portion of the audience to cringe uncontrollably and violently for years. I'd like to quickly comment on his jokes. These jokes that he delivers on a weekly to bi-weekly schedule are absolutely horrific. The bathroom jokes, the silly voices and quality in general is enough to make me, a person that misses 0 RAW's and 0 PPV's a year, change the channel.

    I'll end this by commenting on what I believe to be a hypocritical attitude. I say that he has this because he has said many times in the past, he does not care if people don't like him and that he does not care about us. Which, you would think is great news, however, it's pretty much a facade. I mentioned that he talked to that fat dude, which was a representation of the internet fans, In his Royal Rumble promo. He does this thing where he'll make comments about insider knowlege and about terms that we internet fans use commonly. A quick example, when he was in a promo or contract signing with Punk and McMahon, he mentioned that if he wasn't allowed to work for the WWE anymore, he would "go work for someone else "BROTHER"" implying he would go to TNA. That comment and many others are John trying to get us to accept him, there is no other way of looking at it. He knows his fans, he knows what they're knowlege of wrestling is, he knows it's limited. The only reason he would ever say something that would go over the heads of his fans, is because he actually wants us to accept him and think to ourselves, "Hey, he mentioned terms that we use on the internet, maybe he's not so bad." Unfortunately for John, he forgets that we don't have the mental capacity of children, which leads to more heat!

    One last comment before I end this, he has recently been in a feud with Dolph Ziggler and has had a couple of matches with him. One of the matches they had, John took a super kick, a sleeper, Big E's finisher and a Zig Zag and kicked out of all of them, making those moves look like crap. He then woke up, did his routine and left with a smile, like he didn't get hit once. I used this example because it's recent and I don't have to sound like a hipster when making an obscure refrence. This has been going on for years, this is probably the biggest reason why people hate him, he doesn't have any room for anyone but himself on his throne. Until he retires, there is no future.

    In closing, sorry if this is way too much to read lol I haven't been able to rant in a long time, it was awesome :emoji_grin:. Feel free to leave your own opinions, comments and suggestions, I have no problem with you guys speaking your mind on my opinions.

    Expect more posts in the future, cheers.

    - Kooldip"

    And there you have it, my thoughts about John Cena from earlier this year, unaltered! I'd say they've (my thoughts) pretty much remained the same, I mean I've felt this for 7/8 years now so it's not like my opinion on him has changed much. The only thing I will say is that on WWE's new hottest ticket, Total Divas, he does come accross as a level headed and cool guy, which is admirable considering how overwhelming his life must be. How much of that is for the camera is up to the viewer to decide I suppose, seems authentic to me.

    Hope you enjoyed this, I'll be writing new rants in the near future!


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  2. :mog:Think KLock just met his match.
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  3. Thought the exact same thing when I read it.
  4. Just waiting for Lockard's history lesson now. :lol1:
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  5. I have no idea what any of this means... but I assume it's good! lool thanks for reading, guys!
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  6. Another ranter on this site? :yay: Finally! We needed more of these.

    Will actually have to read this later :haha:
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  7. Going to debate some of this because even though I don't entirely disagree, I am a fan of John Cena as a wrestler and I just love participating in intelligent discourse about anything I have even a slight passion for. Even though most of my passion for wrestling has diminished over the past year or so, I still enjoy discussing it so yeah, I'll be doing that.

    Firstly, what was wrong with his Suicide Dive? I can see the rest of the moves but I thought he executed the Suicide Dive rather nicely when he used it against Punk at Night of Champions. Maybe it's because I'm not comparing it someone like Daniel Bryan's since that's obviously going to look superior because of weight/body-size difference and of course it's Daniel frickin' Bryan (who is just incredibly technically sound). However, I rather like that he attempts moves outside of his comfort zone, it's far preferable to having zero versatility and honestly, I like that they're are executed perfectly or that they look poor. This sounds odd but for me, wrestling isn't about how many moves you're capable of performing and/or how well you perform them, it's about when & why you perform them. Referring back to Cena's match with Punk during the Road to WrestleMania (which is within my top three favorite matches of the year, along with Dolph/Del Rio at Payback & Punk/Brock at SummerSlam), he pulls off a hurricanrana at the end of the match in a move of desperation. The whole match was based on the foundation of Cena being unable to beat Punk, he hadn't beaten them in any of their previous matches (well uh, he's beaten him before, like that one time Kevin Nash came out and distracted Punk allowing Cena to win but I suppose neither felt like noting that in the promo that set the matchup) and it was for a spot in the main event of WrestleMania so the match had grand stakes and built up the desperation as it went along. When you get desperate, you try different (usually risky) methods to achieve your goal and in scenarios like that you aren't at the top of your game. So of course his Hurricanrana was going to look sloppy, as far as I'm considered that only enhanced the story of the match. Was it intentional, probably not. I'm sure he wanted to make it look as good as possible (I think he did, not expecting men of his size to pull of great ones in the first place) but it was definitely placed where it was to be a desperation spot so it worked for me. The dropkicks . . . meh, I'm just explaining my opinion.

    Overall, Cena's an average/meh wrestler in my opinion, who can excel when placed against top caliber opponents (CM Punk, Edge, Shawn Michaels, etc.) and no, I don't mean he gets carried in those bouts. Can't really critique the lack of selling thing since I'm pretty sure that's just part of his character (much like Goldberg, I've heard people criquitique his selling before but considering his character isn't suppose to be nearly as susceptible to damage like most I don't entirely get that complaint [at least when trying to justify him being a poor wrestler, which is different from explaining why you dislike him (which is in fairness, more so what I believe you're doing here but it's just doing the same)]) but the rare occasions he does have to sell don't show much promise (unlike Goldberg, who I thought did a good job during one of his bouts with Triple H [the Survivor Series one?]) but still, I suppose I've grown accustomed to it though I understand why people don't find it entertaining (especially considering the duration this has been going on). So yeah, he's okay without the right opponent. Not excellent, not terrible but the amount of time he's been on top makes obviously has an adverse effect on how people view his in-ring ability.

    By the way, I personally feel that the WrestleMania XXVIII match with The Rock was as good as it was going to get. An incredibly average bout with a bunch of false finishes to try and compensate for that. With those two in the ring, I just don't see how it could be anything more than that.

    Yeah, I don't have any argument for this. There are promos by Cena I absolutely love, this being my favorite but then he does promos like his loser one with John L. that are cringe-inducing and incredibly difficult to sit through. Unfortunately, the more common Cena promos are probably the latter joke ones rather than the serious ones but he's certainly capable of providing a strong promo. So essentially, I'm just giving him more credit but I hate several of his promos too.

    You going to sign all your posts like Waco, huh? Anyway, I don't have too much more to comment on since I really only care about the wrestling abilities & mic skills in terms of judging a wrestler but I thought the TNA line was awesome and I hated how bad the Dolph/Cena feud go in terms of how much Cena could kick out of and how little Ziggler could but I didn't direct my anger over that towards Cena.
  8. John Cena is the biggest tool to hit WWE since Hulk Hogan his lips are soo far up Vinces dairy white alabasterd ass he can damn near kiss the back of his throat.[​IMG]
    TOOL vs TOOL match

    I really dont know why i dont like John Cena, maybe its his dying will to be loved no matter the damn cost, he is so obsorbed in his rise above hate bullshit just to push t-shirts its sickning, and its only a matter of time untill the kids he panders to grow up and get tired of the boring bullshit and he'll go heel then maybe grow a pair and quit coming out at the beginning of each show hollering the champ is here like some show boating moron. He single killed wrestling like lil wayne killed hip hop

    and on another note [​IMG] well ...all those that kiss vince ass hands up please [​IMG] :emoji_slight_smile:...o yes you do john isnt that right daniel:yes:thought so
    but hell i really just dont like the that wrong:no:thought so
  9. Sorry, OP. A bit of the old TL:emoji_grin:R on your anti-Cena magnum opus. I'll try to get through it later, but I'm sure it's stuff I've heard before. This is my bottom line on Cena.

    He puts the asses in the seats, he gives more or less his entire life to WWE, and the dude can FLAT OUT GO in the ring in spite of every redundant "Cena can't wrestle" argument I've ever read. He's a top level professional athlete with a huge heart and a love for his job. No one can take that or his 14 title reigns away from him. Cena's a future Hall of Famer for sure.

  10. Lol yes, I sign my posts like a "Waco, I don't even know why I started doing it.

    I agree, the purpose of the moves is to enhance the story of the match and from that perspective, what I'm saying is ridiculous. The reason I highlighted his journey to the outer walls of his move set is because there are many talented performers below him on the card that can connect with the audience and still uphold the standards of what an elite performer can do. I'm not gonna chastise John here because if you compare him to the top figures of the past, he's a better wrestler than Stone Cold (Post SS 97) and Hulk Hogan because he does go out of his comfort zone and he does occasionally put other wrestlers over, but being a veteran, he must know what he can and can't do. It's so easy for today's crowd to get taken out of a match because of a botch or a sloppy move, it's very important to make every match look believable and I don't feel John does that in the slightest. His saving grace is his fans, a majority of them have no idea that what they're investing their emotions in to isn't real, so to them, John doing a new move (regardless of how it looks) does get the message across that this match has been taken to a new level and he's getting despreate. To really back up what I'm saying, lets take a look back to Summerslam of this year. The crowds reaction when Bryan actually won the match was perfect because when HHH's hand hit the match for a three count, every person in that arena, for a split second, thought to themselves ( "Wait, Cena actually lost? Oh, ok sweet! *Huge pop*) because there is literally a split second where the crowd is in pure shock right after the three count right before they explode. You could attribute their reaction to Bryan winning with a new finisher they've never seen, which took them off guard, but I think I have some merit in my reasoning behind it.
  11. never in your life will you insult Stone Cold Steve Austin by saying john cena(notice i dont use caps on his name) is better that right there is bullshit at its greatest austin went out of his comfort zone a shit load of times john cena will never hold rank to Stone Cold
  12. Well, I already did once in my life, why not twice? You can't tell me that Austin was better in ring than Cena, you can't. It's not because he sucked, it's because his neck was broken, he was limited to what he could do.
  13. and he still did it and didnt complain didnt take time off like cenas punk ass he fought through that shit and still put his body on the line
  14. Well, there is Austin's WCW days. I would put in his ECW days too, but he didn't really do much in ring from what I saw in ECW. In WCW though, he wasn't limited and was better than his entire stint in WWF.
  15. Austin had better Mic & Wrestling skills. The WWE tried new things with Austin too.. They turned him heel at WMX7. I'm starting to think Cena will never change his gimmick. Steve Austin turned heel but yet fans didn't want to boo him cause it's Stone Cold.. They cheered for him. Unlike Cena who is a face but yet people boo him cause he's been doing the same old SHIT since 2005. Austin was also part in one of the best eras in WWE history. The Attitude Era. Austin got to face the best. Everytime his music hit "Glass Shadering" you got goosebumps and got all exciting cause we knew Austin was going to entertain all of us and basically steal the show. Austin isn't predictable either.. When he got in the ring against Rock, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, HHH etc you didn't know who was going to win the match since Austin was facing the best and the match would go either way. When Cena is in the ring.. He either wins the match or gets screwed. Besides losing against The Rock at WM28, when has Cena lost fair & square. I also don't think they have said Austin only uses 5 moves in every of his match(sometimes still pulled out the million dollar dream)... Cena has been accused of that many times (Cause its true).

    Austin was a better Wrestler then Cena and Austin was better at the mic then Cena, he didnt just come out and say the same shit every night

  16. Just gonna leave this here, one of Cena's best matches in my opinion.....oh look, not five moves :sad:
  17. Touche'. but RVD did kinda carry him
  18. RVD didn't carry Cena in this match :haha:
  19. Wait, that's right, you Queen Chrysalis carried him, right? Wait, no! NO! You carried the both of them! DUH
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